Pick the Neighborhood in Which You Live Carefully


I have been watching the rioting in Baltimore, and feel sorry for the good people who live in the riot areas.  But the sad truth is that you can see when your neighborhood starts to change.  If you can at all swing it, this is the time to move.  Pick your neighborhood carefully.

If you study the large riots and demonstration since the 1960’s you will notice that the areas in which they occurred could be predicted.  In the LA area, you never saw a riot in Hollywood, they always occur in the poor areas.  You notice that I didn’t say poor minority neighborhoods, because there are minority neighborhoods, which have no problems.   The same way there are white neighborhoods near large colleges that have riots.

In addition to the possibility of riots, check the crime statistics in the area to which you want to move.  About 40 miles from where I live there is a white relatively rural community with an extremely high crime rate.  Under no circumstances would I live there.  The burglary rate is very high.

If you intend to move into a new area, spend some time checking it out.  I have talked to people that moved to the country to find they had more problems than in the city.  I live in a semi rural neighborhood with a low crime rate, good local law enforcement and a conservative popular.  When this area begins to change, I will move.

Prior to moving into an area, talk to more than just your realtor.  Subscribe to the local newspapers.  Visit a local church.  Talk to people who have no financial interest in where you move.  Look at the people on the street, are the people friendly are the buildings maintained, this will give you information about the neighborhood.

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I want to be clear about one thing I am not blaming the poor, most are good hard working people, but when the drug dealers and thugs move in, it is time to move out.

Pick where you live carefully


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3 thoughts on “Pick the Neighborhood in Which You Live Carefully”

  1. Howard,

    It may help if people know which web sites and phone apps enable you to locate registered sex offenders and crime stats in your neighborhood or anyplace you are visiting or contemplating buying property in. Realtors are sometimes reluctant to share this information, but this is one place where Google Maps can be your friend. Some links I have used people, might want to check out:


  2. gonewiththewind

    It is difficult to evaluate a nieghborhood. I live in a safe city and a good nieghborhood and my car has been broken into. I intentionally leave it unlocked so they can get in without breaking a window. Someone once said that any city large/diverse enough to have a MLK Blvd is unsafe. If you want to evaluate a nieghborhood park your car near a access road about 7:30 am and watch who is leaving for work. Park or walk around after 6:00 pm until after dark and see what the teens are doing. Park on a main street in the nieghborhood between 2:00am and 3:00am and observe the traffic and actions. (That’s when the bars close.)

  3. Howard,
    Yes, there was rioting in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. Hollywood itself, is an extremely high crime area of Los Angeles and only fools and uninformed tourists venture there. I was in the patrol division of another agency and am intimately familiar with “Hollywood”, which is actually PART of the City of Los Angeles, it’s more of a neighborhood.
    Your article is correct, one has to choose their neighborhood carefully. Look for vehicles being parked on lawns, home business ventures such as fixing wrecked vehicles in a residential areaa(is it zoned for that?), etc. All persons looking within any city or county, can access that area’s local 911-calls-for-service, for a specific geographical area, or, for the whole municipality or county service area. It’s Public Record, yes, the agencies can charge a small fee for those call origination data reports, but it is well worth every penny you spend. THe 911 Calls for Service, shows what the original caller “thought”(which is critical) was happening, NOT, what the agency finally reported it as.Huge difference, many burglaries that are reported, especially where an indeterminate amount of “loot” was taken, are most often classified into a lower criminal category like vandalism, etc. Then come budget time, “POOF! like magic, those burglaries re-appear as their original reported crime. This is how agencies diddle their crime stats. So, for started go with the 911 calls for service, first, then compare those call print-outs with the websites reporting listed above in prior posts. You can then get an extremely accurate reflection of any neighborhood. There are NO “safe areas”, that’s a fool’s thought. No place is “safe”, some areas are less crime-ridden then others. Also, look at the average response time for those 911 calls for service, pay attention to the printout sections when the officers/deputies arrived on scene. That tells you how long before “help” is actually coming. You are on your own, no matter what anyone tells you and all the time you have, is for as long as you can possibly hold your breath. Better be able to resolve issues before they become issues, and need uniformed personnel on scene.Hope this helps.

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