Treadle Sewing machines

My friend and ex-mother-in-law is getting up in years and lives where it’s cold and snowy. Since a fall and back trouble she has been thinking of reducing her house hold items and moving to a smaller place. Needless to say I have a car load of material, batting, thread and even some furniture.

I arrived down the hill with my load of goodies and wondering where am I going to store all of this material. Of course my husband right away says we will finish putting up more shelves up for you in the sewing area. He’s so thoughtful.

Anyways with this inherited car load of material am planning on making some wonder ovens for some friends and church bags, so as I am getting started I am looking at my sewing machine and going wow, what if I didn’t have electricity?

Needless to say I have been lucky enough to inherit two treadle machines, one is my grandmothers and she sewed on that thing for years. Her feet would go a mile a minute.

They have been in storage a long time and looking them over, they need some real work… So my project is going to be to haul them to the house and start fixing them. I have extra items for my electric machine and I do have some stuff for the treadle ones, but of course not the stuff I need. Am going on line to see what I can find and also am checking with my repair person in the area.

I haven’t used a treadle machine for a long time, so am actually looking forward to using one again. Good exercise for the legs.

If you’re lucky enough to have one, this is a good time to check the working parts and replace and store extra items that would go out if in use.  If you don’t have one, I was just on eBay and they have two on sale or look around garage and estate sales, I have seen them out there.

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  1. Matt in Oklahoma

    My Mother just picked up one and she announced that she was having it refurbished and would be giving it to my wife for next Christmas! I’m stoked because of what capablities it brings.

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