Wheelbarrows and Other Wheeled Carriers:

Improvised wheelbarrow

A few years ago, I was about 5 miles up a old trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains when I encountered two young men pushing a wheelbarrow with a gasoline powered dredge in it.  Now this was not a light load and they were going uphill.  I have always remembered that incident.

Ever since then I have considered wheelbarrows as another source of transportation.  In a bug out situation or merely for moving supplies always try to use wheels.  Save your back.

Make sure you have wheelbarrows that have deep sides so you can fill them and not tip over.  Do you have extra parts for it – extra wheels or tubes?  Make sure the handles are maintained so there are comfortable to push. You can use foam rubber insulation and cover with tape.

Children’s wagons are another possibility, you can build up the sides, remember when you had one and pulled your puppy around in it.  The handles can be fixed to attach to a bike.

I have a flower cart with wheels; it can easily be covered and pushed. You can use like an old fashion pushcart.

An old lawn mower: it has four wheels and if you take the engine off its perfect.

Skateboards:  A skateboard and a backpack, it is amazing how fast and far some of the kids in my neighborhood can travel

It might not hurt to  have spare wheels in your storage, wood can always be found to make some kind of cart.  A rule is the larger the diameter of the wheel the easier the cart will push.

Remember with age knees and backs wear out.  Use your imagination to keep the weight off them, you may want them to last.

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6 Responses to Wheelbarrows and Other Wheeled Carriers:

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    We made a deer cart out of an old bike and some scrap expanded metal. The only money we spent was putting solid rubber inner tubes in it. The handle bars from the bike are the handles. We have tweeked it over a couple years use and re-enforced some areas and we also experimented with collecting water from a natural nearby source because of it’s weight hauling capabilities over rough terrain. So far so good
    It’s top heavy but it’s the price you pay for being rough terrain ready. We have put 250lbs on it on numerous occasions with multiple deer and packs etc. We use a one person pull and one person cover method when possible except of rthe real rough stuff.
    I built everything good but the motor:)

    • admin says:

      I would like to see a picture or sketch

      • Matt in Oklahoma says:

        It’s in your e-mail. We used it to haul out another deer this weekend!
        I think I have figured out how to make 2 front handles to flip down if I have a second person for “4 Wheel Drive” mode.

  2. caryn verell says:

    wheel barrows and lawn tractor cart are fantastic workhorses..i have been known to use the wheelbarrows as rain catchers in the garden during the spring and summer. we use the cart (heavy duty steel) and tubeless tires on all) for collecting firewood, mulch and big heavyloads…i am giving serious thought to purchasing a donkey to help with pulling the cart in case of emp. wheel barrows also are great to use to cover plants or ecquipment out in the field or woods…

  3. david says:

    Never carry what you can drag.
    Never drag what you can roll.
    Never roll what you can leave in place.

  4. prepster411 says:

    I have a neighbor who lives about a 1/4 mile from me. We exchange peaches, squash, apples, eggs, manure, etc. I can testify to the fact that having something with wheels is infinitely less tiring and straining than carrying it. I sort of look like a dork pushing my wheelbarrow over to his house, but hey…it’s a lot easier.

    (Yes, I do have a car, but I’m trying to get used to living without one. Plus, I need the exercise.)

    Cool post. Thank you!

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