Where is your Bike?

Remember when you rode around on your bike all day long. We would put cards in the wheels to drive our family crazy or modified them to be different and be the coolest kid on the block?  Well drag that bike out and check it out.  What can you do to fix it so it’s a working machine?

Take them down and start repairing them.  Think about getting extra parts you need. Go to a good bike store and ask about  what  extra parts they would recommend for a long trip. Just like our cars keep a supple handy of tires, tubes, repair kits. a tire pump and a good set of tools.  Grease what needs greasing and tighten those bolts.

Make sure that the seat is comfortable to sit on.  Most of my bikes had those hard small seats, this was the first thing, I changed.  Don’t laugh if you’re riding its darn uncomfortable.

Do you have one of those kid carriers in the corner?  How about one of those buggies you can use to pull your little ones or grandkids.  They all can be used to carry what you need.

Does your bike have fenders?  No!!! Well think about it, you need fenders and maybe one of those racks so that you can put either saddle bags, a milk crate or make a container that fits over the back tire. Across the handlebars, is another good area for carrying supplies?  The front tire usually has a small fender over it so fit another small box over it or saddle bags.  The one thing about boxes, saddles bags or one of those buggies is that they can be packed ahead of time or be packed in a hurry.

Again look at garage sales for some of these items.  We are all trying to save money so look in your sheds, garage or junk pile. This could be a good family project.  Getting your children young or old to help will familiarize them with bike maintenance.

If you haven’t ridden your bikes in years get going and practice.  Whether you are using your bike for daily transportation or as a bug out vehicle, it can be a very useful tool.

Remember the Vietnamese carried a couple of hundred pounds or more of supplies south, down the Ho Chi Minh trail, unloaded the supplies and rode back north.

In many parts of the world, they serve as a vehicle for many different uses.

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  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Things would sure have to stabilize to get where we can ride one. We can’t do it now in many places safely and they are impossible to defend from.

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