Propane-Powered Motors from Gasoline, an Easy Conversion.

propane-powered motors

In the past, I have posted several articles on running propane-powered generators.  I have converted two of mine to run on tri fuel (gasoline, propane or natural gas).  The conversions were easy to accomplish and I am by no stretch of imagination a mechanic.  They could be converted with a minimum of tools. The same thing applies to many different types of small motors.  Propane-powered motors are almost as efficient as gasoline and propane is much easier to store.

The generators that I converted used two different systems, both of which worked well.  Here are links to blogs I wrote about the conversions Tri Fuel Generator Conversions from Central Maine Diesel and Century Fuel Products Tri Fuel Generator Conversions.  Any small motors can be easily converted into propane-powered motors.  Just to show you how easy it is, take a look at the following video.  This gentleman turns a small Briggs and Stratton engine into a propane-powered motor without using a carburetor.  This could be a very handy trick to know in an emergency.

Now we even own a truck that runs on both propane and gasoline.  My father converted it to propane back in the mid 1970’s.  The truck runs great and has a forty-gallon propane tank on it.

propane-powered motors
I run some of my small motors on five gallon propane tanks

Propane stores well and does not need to be rotated like the new gasoline.  Twenty-year-old propane is every bit as good as fresh.  The new gasolines deteriorate in a year or so.

Propane Storage for Preppers and Its Advantages. Correctly stored propane is safer than gasoline. 

I like propane-powered motors, especially ones that will run on multiple fuels.  While propane is easier to store, you never know what fuels may be available in an emergency.  Having tri fuel motors lets you take advantage of whatever fuels you encounter.  Particularly, if you have large propane tanks, I recommend that you look into this.

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1 thought on “Propane-Powered Motors from Gasoline, an Easy Conversion.”

  1. Good article. I, too, have converted my Yamaha 2000 genny to run on propane and NG, along with gasoline. Runs great on all 3 fuels but just needs to be ‘dialed in’ when switching between them. I use it exclusively when camping as a backup to my solar.

    My only concern is the report of some gens running hot on NG and propane. There is a company that sells Yamaha and Honda gens claiming people have had issues with valves burning and the engines running too hot. I have not had this issue as of yet.

    Has anyone heard of this issue? Anyone shed any light on this?

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