Protecting Your Vision and the Need for Glasses


Being an old man and having to wear glasses, I have become much more aware of the need to have a backup plan to let you keep having good vision after TEOTWAWKI.  My first suggestion would be to get an annual checkup with your Doctor.  This may let them catch problems early and your prescriptions will be up to date.

So far, I have been fairly lucky I can still pass the driver’s test without glasses, so I really just need them to read and for close work.  I have probably 10 – 20 pairs of reading glasses that I have bought at the dollar store.  An optician once told me how to choose the right reading glasses for you.  He said to hold a business card in front of you at a comfortable reading distance and try the different lens, when you find one that works for you, buy it.

Always have extra pairs of glasses, if you are short of money like most of us, you can get them off the internet.   I have had several people recommend that I get glasses at  Zenni Optical.  I have looked at their website and they have some very inexpensive glasses.  I plan to order an extra pair through them after my next eye exam.

When you get new glasses, keep your old ones especially if the prescriptions are fairly close to your new ones.  Even if they are not, an old pair of glasses may work for someone else or the parts from the frames maybe useful.

Ballistic glasses

If you can afford it you may want to get ballistic glasses, these are the top of the line.  Here is an older post that I wrote on them  Sports and Ballistic Safety Glasses for Preppers.

Because eye problems can crop up unexpectedly you may want to consider some of the suggestion in the following post.  Eye Problem and Long Term Disasters. I have a set of the magnifiers and find them useful when working on small objects.  Plus magnifying glasses have a dual purpose; they can be used as fire starters.

Eyeglass repair kit

Don’t forget to pick up a couple of sets of eyeglass repair kits next time you are at the drug store.  They are inexpensive and often can repair your frames.

Now that you have extra glasses and repair kits, be sure and put an extra pair in your bugout kits and vehicles.  Don’t leave them all in one place.



2 thoughts on “Protecting Your Vision and the Need for Glasses”

  1. Zinni is a great place for backups.. but with some reservations. They have an issue with maintaining the proper grind out to the edges. This means on larger lenses you see fine in the center/lower sections but as you tilt your head and look closer to the edges things can become distorted/blurry.. so they are very good if you stick to the smaller lens sizes… which also means avoiding bifocals.

    If you start adding things like high index, transitions, anti-glare, etc you will be paying much more for them.

    All in all though, for single vision, small lens backups to get you through or for emergency, they are great. I keep a pair at work and in my Get Home Bag, and my quality spares at home.

  2. I need a new set of glasses now. I cleaned them to much and they now show a circular mark right smack dab in the middle! I always keep my old pairs just in case I break a set etc. I keep them wrapped with my safety glasses in my pack.

    Good advice ~S~

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