A Question on New Baby Preps?

baby preps

Today I need some help; this morning I received a question from a new Mom, she wants to know about baby preps, what she should stock for her new baby.  Apparently, she has no one she feels comfortable asking and is hoping for some guidance.  Well it has been many years since my wife and I have had young children.

The best I can come up with is to suggest cloth diapers, diaper pins, cream for diaper rash, and baby formula.  Also, think about having clothing for the baby to grow into.  Here is a link to a post that one of my daughters wrote a year or so ago. Don’t Forget About the Babies

How about some suggestions from some of you mothers, also some potty training tips.  If you are using cloth diapers, potty training becomes much more important.

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Remember also that you will need rubber pants so that the cloth diapers once soiled don’t leak through. Baby shampoo and baby cream, sun screen for babies, teething rings or gum medication my husband mentioned clothes which is very important they grow so fast. Hopefully we can get other baby preps that a new mom may need to store.

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  1. Veteran Who Is Preparing

    Also, baby powder and disposable wipes help. Yes, I know disposable will run out but will be a lot more helpful if plan on or have to you bug out. LOTS of shoes and boots for them to grow into. If mom’s or dad’s feet are wide, plan on the kid being the same. Also winter clothing.

    1. Veteran Who Is Preparing

      Should have proof read that better.

      I forgot sippy cups, toddler sized plates, and toddler sized utensils also.

  2. Baby powder should never be used on little girls. Children who inhale baby powder can need the ER for respiratory emergencies. I would leave off the baby powder altogether.

    After clothes/shoes/socks in all sizes to supply a baby’s needs as they grow, remember cold weather supplies. Lots of baby blankets might be necessary if frequent washing is not available. I would buy more clothes and blankets before I would worry about baby plates and utensils. I was reared without either as were my four younger siblings. My children had baby utensils that were useless since my kids used their hands or preferred using larger utensils.

    Rubber baby pants to cover diapers are very necessary. I would have a dozen pair in many sizes–that is a dozen pair in each size! I had a washing machine and could barely keep a few pair clean.

    I would make sure I had stored many gallons of vinegar for washing and rinsing diapers and rubber pants. A clothes line indoor or a clothes drying rack plus an outdoor clothes line might be necessary and handy. Get multiple means to store, rinse, and wash dirty cloth diapers and plungers to agitate them.

    Storing disposable diapers in all sizes might make it easier to get through a rough patch in the cloth diaper experience. I know it did for me, and I faced no hardships, had a washer and dryer. I used five dozen cloth diapers before I could get them washed. (Sometimes a baby has diarrhea or you use a diaper for a burp cloth or to wipe throwup away.) I cloth-diapered all three children.

    A wooden fold-up potty chair helped when traveling and we could not stop in time for our little girl to go and not in her pants. Plus, I was not having her try to pee in many bathrooms when she was so little. I just adjusted my front passenger seat as far back as it would go, put the potty chair in the floor as I stood outside. When she was done, I poured the liquid contents in a place where people would not walk. Solids were bagged up for the trash. Clean the little plastic pot with a bit of water for liquids or a wipe for solids. You can put a wipe or tp or a bit of anything in the bottom of the pot if you know solids are coming. Of course, the cursory cleaning can be done more thoroughly at a later time.

    The wooden fold up potty has a regular pot that slides out before it is folded. This was so much easier to travel with than a regular plastic potty chair.

    Don’t store wipes with aloe as the aloe can become rancid.

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