Butternut Squash, a Different Way to Cook It

butternut squashSince we have been on the Adkins Diet we have lost quite a bit of weight.  as a side benefit my wife has had to fix meals using foods other than what what we would normally eat.  For instance potatoes are not on the diet and with only a limited variety of foods, things get old.  So my wife has been experimenting with cooking common foods in different ways.  The butternut squash fries were very good. In a long term disaster where your foods choices are limited you will want different tastes.  Experiment how before you need too.


I have been experimenting with all kinds of vegetables and tonight I made some butternut squash fries. One night I made butternut squash baked fries and they came out ok, flavor was good, color was nice and brown, but they were not crispy. This time I made butternut squash fries, fried. Again the taste was good, color nice and brown, they were a little more crispy than baked. Now don’t get me wrong, cooked both ways they were good as my husband said, “delicious my dear”. He is always so complimentary on my food, (I think it’s because these fries where something different) LOL.

For the baked fries, I cut it  in half the length way and and then cut it into stripes like french fries. Coated with olive oil and placed on cookie sheet. baked for 40 minutes turning half way through. For the fried squash, I cut the remainder of this huge butternut squash in rounds chip form. I heated the oil and dropped the rounds in the oil.  It didn’t take long to cook, I let them get nice and brown thinking they might get crispier, well they were but not like french fries.

Butternut squash is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A and beta-carotene. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people with a high intake of the nutrients provided by vegetables such as butternut squash may be less likely to develop a number of chronic diseases.

I am still experimenting with vegetable and am happy to try new recipes, so if you have anything you want me to try, please send them along.

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