Chicken Casserole ala Bonnie with Dehydrated Chicken

dehydrated chickenMy husband found a #10 can of Mountain House dehydrated chicken during our container remodel so I decided to try it. I don’t make many casseroles for just the two of us, but it was my turn to take food to my father in law, so thought I would try one with the dehydrated chicken. The chicken was at least 25 or more years old and looked pretty dry even for a dehydrated food item.

I didn’t have a recipe, so I decide to use some of the garden zucchini, (green & yellow, onions, and used spinach noodles for a binder and appearance. The following recipe is what I used for making this chicken casserole.

Remember that with any dehydrated food you have to reconstitute it first. If you have tried any of your dehydrated food you have to judge for yourself how much you will need in order to re-dehydrated for the recipe.

Ingredients for Dehydrated Chicken Casserole ala Bonnie

      • 2 cups dehydrated chicken, Cover with water and set aside until rehydrated
      • 1 red onion chopped
      • 1 yellow zucchini chop into 2 inch squares
      • 1 green zucchini chop into 2 inch squares
      • 8 mushrooms chopped
      • 5 cloves garlic minced
      • 1/2 tsp of thyme
      • 1 can mushroom soup
      • 2 cups chopped Swiss chard (have lots)
      • 1 cup peas (optional) or
      • 1 cup string beans (optional)
      • 1-cup spinach noodles any type (I used the long ones and broke them up)
      • Salt and pepper as needed.

Drain the water from the chicken making sure it’s not watery. Add the onion and garlic and sauté in  pan for few minutes and then add chicken. Mix well, then  add the vegetables, cook only until al dente. Adjust seasoning to your taste, I don’t use salt, so taste the food before adding more salt. The soup has a lot of salt also.

Put in baking dish sprayed with Pam or butter: Sprinkle top with either panko or corn flakes crushed.

Cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until the top is brown.

You can add any vegetable that you like, since it’s the end of summer we used zucchini.  I also add Swiss chard, but you can add peas or sting beans if you want.

We enjoyed it with a green salad, but a fruit salad would have been nice also. Happy Cooking and let me know if you try it.

Preparedness Mom

The casserole was great, the chicken dehydrated well and you would never have know it wasn’t fresh.


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2 Responses to Chicken Casserole ala Bonnie with Dehydrated Chicken

  1. MorryB says:

    hm, this looks like something I’d like to survive an average Sunday with, not just an emergency situation..

    quick question, do you think it would be doable making this outdoors, for example, substituting the zucchini and mushrooms with wild leak???


  2. admin says:

    I think wild vegetables would work just fine.

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