Food safety with a Solar cooker


There are several things you want to watch with a Solar Cooker to prevent foodborne illnesses.

Homemade cardboard box oven

  • Get a good thermometer to measure the temperature in your oven.
  • When cooking meat, fish or poultry use an accurate probe thermometer place in the center of the meat (not touching bone) to be sure it has reach a safe internal temperature.
  • Beef, veal, and lamp need to reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees.  Pork and ground beef needs to reach an internal temperature of 160 Degrees.  Poultry needs to reach 165 degrees.
  • The danger zone at which the growth and multiplication of pathogens can occur is between 40 to 140 degrees according to the United States Department of Agriculture’s food safety guidelines.
  • Foods should not remain in the danger zone for more than a couple of hours.
  • If the sun is hidden behind clouds or it is getting late you may need to go to an alternate method of cooking to finish.
  • In a bright sunny day, mine seems to maintain a oven temperature of around 225 degrees.  This is with a homemade oven manufactured from cardboard boxes.  The manufactured ones will keep a higher heat.
  • The wind can cool a solar oven.  If it is windy, build a windbreak.
  • On cooler days cut the pieces smaller.
  • You can use a solar oven to bring food to a boil and then transfer it into a Wonder Oven.

Have fun with your solar cooker.


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  1. Michael MIller says:

    never ever use a plastic cooler to make a solar cooker!

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