Making a Gluten Meat Substitute

For all of you who are storing bulk wheat, here is a handy recipe.  You can make gluten which is a meat substitute. The whole kernel contains starch and protein which can be separated after the wheat is ground into flour.  Gluten comes from the protein portion of the wheat.

The following is a comparison of the protein in meat and wheat.

  • 100 gm.  Of whole wheat = 560 mg. of essential amino acids
  • 100 gm. Of wheat gluten = 3300 mg. of essential amino acids
  • 100 gm. Of beef = 1220 mg. of essential amino acids

Here are the three steps to make gluten.


  • 7 cups of flour
  • 2 cups water

Mix the ingredients and knead into a ball of dough.  Beat, pound, stretch or knead the ball for ten minutes.  Treat it rough.  You can even use a hammer or large rolling pin to beat it.

Now wash it to separate the water-soluble starch from the gluten by covering the ball of dough with cold water and let it stand for an hour.  Take the ball of dough out and rinse under hot water while working the dough with your hands.  Save the white colored water, you can use it to mix with your powdered milk later.

You should now have about a cup and a half of raw gluten left and maybe a gallon of white water. Drain the gluten and shape it in balls, sausages or in 1 or 2-inch thick slabs.  Place in an oven and bake at 350 degrees until baked like bread. It you want you can then place the cooked gluten in water and simmer, this makes it moist and it has a more meat like taste.

You can add beef or chicken bouillon and dried onions to the gluten to flavor it.  It can be cooked in a variety of ways.  It works in stews or can be made into sausages and fried.  Use it in soups or meat loaves or whatever your mind can imagine.


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3 Responses to Making a Gluten Meat Substitute

  1. Hangtown Frank says:

    I store and use bulk wheat. Why bother making gluten? That requires you to grind the wheat into flour and then process the flour into gluten and then process the gluten into a patty or something that can be cooked before eating. That’s a lot of work. Why not just simmer the wheat berries (or minimally cracked wheat) and eat that along with other goodies? What am I missing here???

    Hangtown Frank

    • admin says:

      For one thing you have to eat an awful lot of wheat to get the same protein. It concentrates your protein. Second it lets you vary your diet. The taste of cracked wheat gets old real quick. It is just another tool you can take advantage of.

  2. Hangtown Frank says:

    Yes, cracked wheat can get old quick. However, one can buy and store gluten a lot easier than making it. AND, I don’t know about other folks, but I find it very easy to can various types of real meat such as chicken (light & dark meat), pork, beef, ground meat, and bacon. Not only is it easy to can it sure tastes good and it stores well.

    I’ve nothing against making gluten and would do it IF I had to. But, in a SHTF situation I expect that we would all be very busy and using previously stored foods would be much easier than making gluten.



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