Making Good Plum Jam

Plum Jelly

Now I know why this little jelly is so expensive. My son loves it but won’t spend the money to buy it unless it’s a very special kind. (What ever that means) Any ways I made this jam 2 years ago and finally ran out so decide to try it again.

My first try two years ago was great, the plums were from the market and their size was like a small peach. They were easy to peel and pit but pricey.  In my old age I am thinking cheap so yes I found a tree behind another son’s house with the fruit falling off and rolling down the hill.  I got some help picking the plums a bucket full, got them home and started the process of washing them and I am finally looking at these golf size plums and thinking they were free so don’t complain, but if I peeled and pitted them there would be nothing left.

Ok so now am thinking, I will put them through the squeeze-o and I will get the pulp and the pits will go out the other end. My husband helped me put the thing together and I hooked it up to the table for easy use. Then he tells me “you know the pits won’t come out the other end, they will just back up until it’s plugged”. (If looks could hurt)

So this is what I did, I put them in a large pot (I had four pots full) I cooked them and then mashed them with a potato masher.  I then put them through a strainer and spooned out all the juice I could and I even got some pulp so it will look like plum jam instead of jelly.  I measured the correct amount of pulp and added the sugar. I am only doing one batch at a time since doing two at once never comes out right when I do it. I then cooked this until it started to thicken, stirring occasionally to keep from sticking.

I prepared my hot jars and lids with the rings while the jam was cooking so I was ready to pour the liquid into the jars. I ladled the hot jam into the hot jars and wiped the rims with a clean cloth and adjusted the lid and ring finger tight. Placed the jars in canner (water bath) and made sure the jars were covered with water and closed the lid for processing.   I processed each batch for 10 minutes.

Now on to my next project, the hamburger I bought at Costco.  I also cooked some cranberry beans with the ham bone I saved from the canned ham. This project was cooked in my Wonder Oven while I did the hamburger. It came out beautiful and I also canned them for future use. I hope that some of you are trying to can some meats. You should try them before you need them. Good Luck

Preparedness Mom

It came out well as always, that’s why I am too fat.


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