sauteed the onions in terracotta pot

New Wood Stove Recipe from Italy

A few weeks ago, I posted an article on Italian style wood stoves.  The information was from Angela from Italy.  She has sent me a new recipe and more information on cooking with an Italian style wood stove. You can see the previous post at The following is her new post. Thank you Angela


White Beans with Chicken pieces served with Rice.


I had 3 pieces of chicken left in freezer, so I thought of trying out new dish. Came out pretty well and tasty too. (this time I didn’t cremate the bird, hahaha)

I started out with a good bed of coals.

On a tripod placed my terracotta dish with:

–Olive oil to cover bottom

–1 diced medium onion

–then I let the oil heat up and sauteed the onions

–Add diced smoked bacon and sauteed  a few minutes, keep stirring

add chicken
add chicken

–Then I threw in the chicken pieces (3) and browned lightly

–Added wine and simmered a bit

Then here is another trick that is great for this type of cooking , they call it ‘fuoco sotto e fuoco sopra’ — fire below and fire above. This cooks from below and from above. You can use any old metal pan or even a large metal lid that you can place hot coals on. (careful when removing that pan, otherwise your fingers become a weeeeeeee bit toasted) There is foto attached showing this.

–Then I removed chicken pieces and set aside because the cooking time for the beans exceed the cook time for the chicken.

putting hot coals in pan on top of terracotta pot
putting hot coals in pan on top of terracotta pot

–I added my already soaked beans and water to cover, placed my terracotta lid and began cooking process of beans. (Refresh water (always use hot water) as is needed.)

Half way through this cooking process is when I added my salt and pepper and all other spices that you want to flavor with ie: bay leaves, oregano, parsley or even sage, even chili powder to warm things up for a cold night, otherwise as water dries up you keep salting too much and end up making your cardiologist happy with the high blood pressure. (and they make enough money as it is, we want you healthy and happy with homemade cooking!)

–I added chicken back in when the beans were 3/4’s cooked so the last bit of cook time would give that chicken flavor to the broth and beans.

Finished Chicken white beans with chicken
Finished Chicken and white beans

All this took a few hours, and don’t forget- keep the bed of coals hot, when you see that the coals need to be refreshed remove pan and tripod put fresh coals down and replace tripod and pan back on.

I then served it on a bed of rice. See foto of finished dish.  That’s it and happy eating or as we say here BUON APETITTO!!!


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