Tattler Lids and a Great Strawberry Jam Recipe

Tattler Lids:

A while back I ordered some Tattler re-useable lids and rings.  They are made of plastic and have a replaceable gasket. I bought 3 dozen lids; they are a bit more expensive than conventional lids at $21.00 for 3 dozen. They can be used indefinitely.   Eventually the gaskets wear out, replacements are available for $1.25 a dozen.


I used them for a batch of strawberry jam a couple of days ago.  They are great.  If you follow their directions they are easy to use.  I loved them, I could hold the lids on the jars without burning my fingers and they sealed faster. The only problem I see is getting the lids back when you give someone some jam.

I am a real amateur when it comes to canning jams in the past I have made a lot of ice cream fruit syrup. I have tried canning jams many times but, it’s like my lemon pie. It goes together great, the pie crust and filling are fine and the meringue is beautiful. But after that, hand out the straws and have a slurp of pie.

Easy to handle

So yesterday I made some Strawberry Jam. Using the recipe in the book called: “So Easy to Preserve” It was easy and painless. First time my jam has set-up and looks normal and tastes better. (Yes I had to try it.) So beware, fresh fruit I am on a mission.

Here is the recipe for Strawberry Jam:

2 quarts crushed strawberries

6 cups sugar

Strawberry Jam

Sterilize canning jars. Combine berries and sugar; bring slowly to boiling; stirring occasionally until sugar dissolves. Cook rapidly until thick, about 40 minutes. As the mixture thickens, stir frequently to prevent sticking. Pour hot jam into hot jars, leaving ¼-inch headspace. Wipe jar rims and adjust lids. Process 5 minutes in a boiling water bath.


Tattler Lids can be purchased of their link located on the right side of this website.

Preparedness Mom

5 thoughts on “Tattler Lids and a Great Strawberry Jam Recipe”

  1. before the gifted jar leaves your home, write in permanent marker your name and address to be returned. if you are lucky you will get lid, gasket and jar back. i don’t know how many jars, lids and rings i have given away by not doing this.

  2. oh, forgot…i use your recipe for strawberry jam and it always turns out great. i have tried the other recipes that call for sure gel and i always get ice cream topping as a result. wisdom sometimes comes with experience and it pays not to give up trying.

  3. Thanks Caryn, your comment on the syrup made me feel so great. I knew there were others like me out there. I also like your idea for writing the name and address on the lids. Why didn’t I think of that. It pays to have person out there that understands my problem. Thanks again and keep up the advise.

    Preparedness Mom

  4. A veteran who is preparing

    The gifting problem has a very easy solution. Can some with regular lids and give those away. I have seen this solution mentioned on canning sites.

    As for “jam syrup”, you might have had it at too high of a temp which destroyed the pectin. After you do the chilled spoon test and it is still runny you add more pectin. Then boil again for the required time and test again. I do like the idea of of a recipe that does not require pectin. That solves a question we have had, how to make pectin or store large amounts of it.

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