Wheat Berries and No Grinder

What do you do with wheat berries when you don’t have a grinder?

They can be cooked without grinding, by a couple of different methods.  Whole berries can be steamed and then used as a hot cereal.  Steam them in a double boiler, with a ratio of 5 cups wheat to seven of water.  Cook until soft.

A second method is to soak the wheat berries over night and then cook in the morning.  This produces a cereal similar to steaming the berries.  With milk and sugar, this is a good tasting cereal.  It can be eaten plain, but it is pretty bland.

Wheat berries can be sprouted and eaten as greens.  They are good in salads.  When the wheat berry is sprouted, vitamin C increases, vitamin B-12 quadruples, other B vitamins increases 3 to 12 times, vitamin E content triples, and the fiber content increases.  Sprout it like you would any other grains.

Place the wheat in a clean mason jar and cover the top with two layers of cheesecloth.  Fasten the cheesecloth on the jar with a screw top canning jar lid ring.  Lay the jar on its side in a warm dark place (68 degrees-75 degrees F). Each day, rinse the sprouts by pouring lukewarm water into the jar.  Shake the jar wetting all the grain kernels, then drain off the water.  The grain should sprout in three or four days. Once grains have sprouted, keep refrigerated till served.

A simple device can be made to crack your wheat out of old pipe.  It requires a bit of work to do it this way, but it works to make a coarse grain.

Here is a diagram of an alternate method of cracking your grain.  This is a method of last resort, it is slow and hard work.

Place 1 to 2 inches of grains in the can and use the pipes to crack the grain.  This will not make fine grain flour, but just cracking it will save you a lot of cooking and soaking time.

These are not the best methods of using your wheat but in an emergency, they will work.


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  1. Phil says:

    Check your facts regarding vitamin B-12. Both Wikipedia and
    other sites indicate that there is virtually no plant based source
    of B-12. Thanks for the blog, Phil

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