White Beans can Replace Fat in Baking

There are two easy ways to replace fat with beans in most baking.

1. Simply cover beans with water and cook until very soft.  Mash until about the consistency of shortening (use blender).  Replace in recipes cup for cup.  For example: Recipe calls for 1-cup margarine—use 1-cup mashed beans.  Liquid may be added to adjust the consistency.  Mashed beans do not keep long in the fridge, so freeze them.

2. Grind beans in your wheat grinder to make bean flour.  Store in an airtight container.  Replace fat in the recipe cup for cup as above.  You will need to add extra liquid since the ground beans will be part of the dry ingredients.

Other types of beans will work, including canned beans.  The type of bean will have an effect on the taste.  White beans give it a slight vanilla taste.  Some people say that the color of the bean should match the color of what you are baking.

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2 Responses to White Beans can Replace Fat in Baking

  1. Jen says:

    Learn something new every day. I’ll have to try it. What have you tried it in, and did it still taste good? Tell dad they need to put the facebook link back on so I can post it on my facebook. Thanks, Jen

    • Prepardness Mom says:

      To answer your question about white beans: I made a bundt chocolate cake for dinner. The cake mix is thicker when mixing, (finger testing batter yummy) Your cake will come out lighter and higher when baked and it cooks a little sooner than recipe calls for. I used black beans. Remember to use color according to color of what your baking. My husband said it ws very good.

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