Riots, Demonstrations, Martial Law and Donald Trump


I rarely discuss predictions or make guesses about the future, but this time I am going to make an exception.  I am old enough to remember all the demonstrations that occurred during the days of rage in Chicago at the 1969 Democratic Convention.  The term demonstration is incorrect in reality they were riots, and very close to an armed insurrection.  In addition to this, there were numerous demonstrations and riots in various areas of the country, with the stated objective of stopping the war in Viet Nam.  They came very close to martial law in some areas.

In reality while many of the people were there to stop the war, it was a movement to change the direction of the political system in this country.  And it has worked to a large degree.  Many of the people who were involved in this movement now hold political office.

Now comes Donald Trump, who is running for president.  Whether you love or hate Trump, he is creating an unusual situation which the left will take advantage off.  Many radical left wing groups are organizing and planning demonstration and riots against him.  This movement is lead by dedicated leaders and well-organized groups that are well funded by the billionaire George Soros who was born in Hungary.  Between 1979 and 2015, he donated more than 11 billion dollars to liberal and progressive causes.  He is going to be a major supporter of the demonstration that will occur if Trump becomes the Republican nominee.  Which I believe is quite likely.

As stated by various progressive groups they intend to have the largest demonstrations that have ever been seen in this country.  They are already setting up classes to train the demonstrators.  This follows what they did in the anti war demonstration.  They trained their people well and told them what to bring to the demonstration to help alleviate the effects of tear gas and riot police.

If they are able to start demonstration on the level that they are predicting, it can directly affect many of us.  If you live in the wrong area, you and your property could be in physical danger. Riots could also result in a declaration of martial law.  The ramifications of this are difficult to predict.

Now I want to make one thing clear I am not taking a political position on Donald Trump, whether I vote for him or not is my business.  I can tell you one thing I will not be voting for Hillary.  But I want you to be aware of what these demonstrations can lead to.  I was involved in some of the ones in the 1960’s and 70’s in a law enforcement capacity and in the near future I will pass along more information as I see it unfold.  Remember the progressive left will never let an opportunity to cause trouble slip by and they will find some way to try to take advantage of this situation.


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  1. Thanks for that sir. We do live in “interesting times” and anticipating disruptions , is becoming more important all the time. No one will be immune to this, but staying aware, and alert, will help. Have a plan for yourself and family, weather at home or out and about. Good luck to us all.

  2. I highly recommend this article by Carmen Medina, former CIA Deputy Director of Intelligence. A 32-year veteran of the Intelligence Community, she is also the author of Rebels at Work: A Handbook for Leading Change from Within.

    Since the summer of 2015, all the so-called American “political experts” people follow for insight have failed us very badly. If our American elite journalists can get things so wrong, I doubt that anyone is in any position to anticipate the next turn of the political season. (Speaking of mainstream media, I remind you again to look for more diverse sources of information and to be wary of “gray” or vague sources with shaky attribution which seed intel and disinformation to promote an agenda!)

  3. We have all seen the end of the investigation of Hillary Clinton. Had any of us done what she did we would be in jail.
    The difference in the two worlds of the elite and commoners.

    Did J. Edgar build the FBI to be the KGB for the political elite in America? Or is this FBI director the only corrupted one? All of the information about the case made public is more than enough evidence to warrant charges and trial. Where it goes from there should have been up to the court system and the lawyers. Maybe Hillary would have gotten off with a caution and that would have been the end of it, but we won’t know now. That is for sure.

    So whatever the reason that this FBI director let this investigation fall through the cracks, we can only speculate. We can argue whether the entire agency was built to protect the elite. What we do know for sure now is that this director is either corrupt or was influenced by political pressures. The Clintons are a political mafia with a marxist bent.

    Good related opinion piece in the New York Observer:

    FBI Counter-Intelligence serves as America’s frontline domestic defender. It is tasked with destroying enemy spy rings, tracking potential terrorists and stopping terrorist attacks on U.S. territory. The Director’s failure to encourage prosecution makes his own department’s job much harder. It will undermine the morale of U.S. security personnel.

    1. All over the radio yesterday the interpretation of Comey’s decision was the same. That Hillary has now won the Presidency without any of us needing to fill out a ballot. She is above the law so she has a free pass to steal an election if she desires to. And she clearly does, just ask that old commie Bernie. Terry Nichols, an old Clinton insider, said months ago Hillary was above the law. That she could rape and murder a child on the White House lawn in front of live TV News cameras and no charges would ever be brought against her. I think this week’s decree by our rulers proves it. The laws are for us and not them.

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