• securtiy door3Do you have metal security doors and are they properly installed.
  • Do you keep a hidden house key outside the house where it’ can be found?  Burglars know where to look.
  • Is your home well lighted with particular attention to exterior doors?  Are your lights on timers, photo cells or motion detectors?
  • Can your main entrance be seen from the street?
  • Are your exterior doors at least 1-3/4 inch solid core?
  • Do all your exterior doors have heavy duty dead bolts and reinforced door frames?  A solid door with a weak frame is easy to kick in.
  • Can anyone gain easy access through a mail slot, dryer vent, or pet entrance? This includes small children.
  • If doors have glass panels or windows, can someone break the glass reach in and unlock the door?
  • Are all trees and shrubs pruned and well maintained to prevent anyone from hiding unseen?  Plants with thorns or sharp points can be planted under windows that are hidden or otherwise vulnerable.
  • Do any trees, down pipes, lattice work provide easy access to upper floors?
  • Are any ladders, or tools kept outside that will assist any potential burglar?
  • Have all your sliding glass doors been protected to prevent them being lifted out from their frames?
  • Are all exterior lights and security devices in good working order?
  • Does the door from the attached garage leading to the house have a dead bolt?
  • Does your overhead garage door have a working electronic door opener?
  • Does your overhead garage door have any loose, broken or missing door panels or hardware?
  • Do you keep the overhead doors closed, and your car locked inside the garage?
  • Do all windows have reinforced locking devices that can be secured in the open position?
  • Do ground level windows have guards or grates?
  • Are basement windows protected by grates or security devices?
  • All irreplaceable items should be kept in high quality fire resistant safe or in off-site safety deposit box?
  • Do you have a current video tape or pictures of all your valuables?  Is there a copy kept off-site.
  • Pat attention to your surroundings, trust your instincts. If you suspect something is wrong, it probably is.
  • Become friends with your neighbors, familiarize yourself with their schedules.  Watching out for one another is an effective ways of preventing crime.
  • Park your car in well-lit areas or in the garage.
  • Investing in an alarm system, deadbolt locks, exterior lights and surveillance cameras can save you a lot of grief.  A fire alarm system saved my home.
  • Don’t let people in your home that you do not know, ask for ID from repairmen.

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  1. Bellen says:

    Well…we are well protected from hurricanes but sadly lacking in protection, unless it’s during a hurricane, from predators. Making a new ‘honey-do’ list and he’s agreeing with me.

  2. Martha says:

    I have just read your blog and you have very good information. I will be checking back often.

  3. LockSmith says:

    One of the biggest concerns with French door security is the amount of glass in the doors, as glass is easily broken. If a pane was broken on a French door, there would not be much stopping an intruder from reaching in and unlocking it.

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