Home Security Tips Part 2


  • Is your heating system in proper working order and inspected for dangerous leaks yearly?
  • Is there ample air circulation around appliances that are likely to overheat?
  • Are there any overloaded circuits, long extension cords runs, or too many devices plugged unto one outlet?
  • Is your fireplace or wood stove chimney free of dangerous build ups that could catch on fire?  Do you get your fireplace and wood stove chimney cleaned on a regular schedule?
  • Do you have a protective grate in front of fireplace to prevent sparks, hot logs from rolling into room?
  • Is your kitchen oven hood clear of greasy build-up that could cause a fire?
  • Are smoke detectors installed in every bedroom and the halls leading to them?  Do you change the batteries and test them regularly?
  • Do you have carbon monoxide detectors?
  • Do you have fire extinguishers in your kitchen, basement, garage, and auto? Are they regularly serviced?
  • Do all family members sleep with bedroom door closed to prevent spread of fire, smoke?
  • All family members should practice fire drills, know escape routes, and have a designated meeting spot.
  • Do your children know how to use a phone to get help in an emergency?
  • If you have grills or bars on window, can they be easy and quickly released in case of a fire?
  • Do you keep brush, dry leaves and other combustibles cleaned up and away from your home, particularly if you live in an area with wildland fires?
  • Is your wood pile stacked a reasonable distance from your home?  It is easy for fire to spread from the wood pile to your home (wildfire, arsonists)?


  • Is your security system armed? Automatic timers for lights, radio turned on? Phones turned down?
  • Arrange for a neighbor to watch house, cut, and water grass, give house that lived-in look?
  • No change in normal pattern of opening, shutting drapes, dead give-away lighting patterns?
  • Arrange to stop mail, and newspaper delivery
  • Arrange to have local police make vacation checks, if available?



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  1. AnJo1 says:

    Lint build-up in dryer vents and around dryers is one of the major causes of home fires. The lint filter should be cleared after EACH dryer use, the areas under and around the dryer should be vacuumed at least twice a year, the exterior vent opening should be cleaned at least twice a year, and the vent ductwork should be cleaned once every year or two. Use your lint as tinder to build your fires and you’ll see exactly how flammable it is.

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