Locks and Keys

I am quite conscious of security and have a habit of locking everything.  There is always a set of keys in my pocket.padlock  Yesterday I needed to get into a locked space and realized that my keys were not in my pocket.  After a quick look around, I couldn’t find them, so I asked my wife for her set.  She pointed at the desk and a big box of old keys and says I think they are in there.  She says she never uses hers because I am always around.

So out I go with the box, after trying all the keys, no luck.  Now I am getting frustrated and am starting to think about breaking locks.  Now I realize these are good quality locks and some would be very hard to force because of their location.  So back, I go to search the house.  Well after a couple of frustrating hours, I find them in the bedroom.

padlockOne of my first projects today is to go to the locksmith and have some duplicate keys made.  If this had been a real emergency, I would have been the victim of my own security.  You might want to check the availability of all your keys.


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  1. imgettinby says:

    I also keep of list of my spare key numbers, the ones that are on the keys when I get them or I number them myself, so that if I have to pull the “reserve” keys out for use I can tell which key fits which lock.

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