The Importance of Gaining Knowledge

Knowledge can save your life

I spent a fair amount of time talking to and helping others prepare and one thing I see is that many people have no idea of how fast a disaster can over take them.  Just yesterday, a fire at the Chevron oil refinery in Richmond California forced a large number of people to shelter in place.  As many as 200 people went to the hospital with complaints related to the smoke from the fire.  When the instruction were given to the public to shelter in place they were told to turn off their air conditioners, close their windows and either tape the cracks around doors and windows or block them with wet towels.

The vast majority of these people had probably never thought about this happening to them or how to handle the problem.  Most of them probably didn’t even have a roll of duct tape, never mind knowing where it could be found.  Fortunately, the fire is out and the shelter in place order has been lifted.  But, what would happen if they were required to shelter in place for a few days.  Many people would have run out of food or other supplies and needed rescuing.  This is the majority of people who subscribe to the belief it can’t happen here or the government will rescue me.

Having worked for the government in both law enforcement and fire I can tell you unequivocally don’t count on them.

Another much smaller group I run across is the ones who look forward to something bad happening.  They think it will just be an extended camping trip in which they get to play Rambo and win every violent encounter they face.  I can tell you this that any disaster that goes on for an extended time and requires you to use your preps will be dirty, miserable and you will probably work harder than you ever have.  We all live a life that in the history of the world would be unbelievably luxurious to most people.

To go back to earlier living styles will be hard.  However, you can make it easier on yourself in two ways.  Number one is having your preps and number two in knowledge.  The first you can lose the second is always with you.  Read those preparedness books you have in your library now, practice using the items that you have stored, practice, practice, practice. . A little extra work now can pay off big in the future.


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2 Responses to The Importance of Gaining Knowledge

  1. Preps and knowledge are no doubt vital. I would strongly encourage people to at least have a well thought out plan of what they would do in specific circumstances. If it’s easily referenced (such as in an emergency binder) then they will have something to turn turn rather than panic.

  2. Joe says:

    You’re right, too many focus only on the buying of stuff.

    Preps and knowledge are great. I would add practice to that. I can read about something but have no real idea how to do it. For example, I may have the knowledge required to do 100 pushups, but actually doing them requires a certain amount of strength and endurance.

    The same goes for starting fires using primitive methods. A lot of people have seen it done on tv but don’t realize that it takes a lot more time and effort than it appears. Selecting the right tinder is critical, etc.

    Thanks for the article!


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