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Sanitation is a major problem, it may very well determine wither we live or die.  In years past poor sanitation was one of the big killers.  In all the wars prior to WW1, more men died of disease than combat.  We are used to living in a clean society and as a result are more susceptible than people who live in conditions that are more primitive.

The porta potty is not a bad starting place, but for long term, you need more.  You need to know how to build and locate a hand dug latrine.  In a future post we will go into details on this.  You also need to make plans in case you are confined to your home for a period of time by a biological attack or accident, radiation or whatever.  I still have a few of the old civil defense sanitation kits stored away.  They were made in the 1960’s, but I examined one a few days ago and it was still in good condition.  Every now and then, they turn up; they were designed for a large group of people in a small area.  Each kit is for 50 people for two weeks. Below is a list of their contents.

Commode Seat, Plastic                1
Sanitary Napkins                        60
Polyethelene Gloves (pair)           1
Water Dispensing Spout               1
Tie Wire (bag closing)                   1
Cups and Lids (plastic)                70
Commode Chemical (pack)         12
Poly Bag Liners (commode)          1
Instruction Sheet                           1
Toilet Tissue                                10

Toilet paper – Stock as much as you consider practical.  But, remember that for most of human history, we did not have toilet paper.  While it seems like a necessity in today’s world, many other items have a higher priority for your survival. We can get by without it and maintain sanitary conditions.  In some South American countries, they use sanitary washcloths.  You will need three to five washcloths a day for each family member.  After they are used, place them in a closed container full of soapy water.  The cloths need to be washed once a day and dried in the sun.  The sun helps to sanitize them.

Old magazines, corncobs and even leaves have all been used in the past in place of toilet paper.  Be sure you avoid poison oak, poison ivy and other irritants.


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2 Responses to More on Sanitation

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Napolean, Hati etc. One doesnt have to look far for failures in sanitation.
    Don’t forget bout them good ole burn barrels in areas where you cant dig! Don’t miss that “duty”

  2. Victoria from Georgia says:

    These two articles are about short term waste disposal. Preppers need to get ready for long term. Check out The Humanure Handbook by JC Jenkins.

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