The Lack of Sanitation can Kill You

During all the wars the United States fought prior to World War II, more men died of disease than combat.  We are lucky to live in a country and era in which good sanitation is available.

When I was a child in South Africa, I can remember going to the butcher shop and seeing the meat hanging up, unprotected from the flies.  The butcher would slap the meat to shoo the flies off and cut the piece you wanted.  You would then take it home, wash it and cook it before the maggots could hatch.

In England and Europe during World War II lack of soap was a major problem.  We are so used to having everything clean that it is easy to take this for granted. I have attached a short list of sanitation supplies you should have on hand.  Most of these are self explanatory.

Toilet paper
Hand soap
Dish soap
Laundry soap
Disinfectant, such as Pinesol, Lysol or Hexsol.
Feminine supplies
Diapers, if you have small children or are planning a family.
Tooth brushes
Dental floss
Mouse and rat traps
Bug sprays
Clothes pins

Stock a generous supply of the above items.  They will disappear faster than you think.  In a real emergency you will use more soap and cleaning supplies than normal, due to your change in life style.

In a future post I will discuss, your options, when these supplies are not available.


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  1. Jim Costa says:


    I shave daily. For a lather, I use a bar of Ivory soap in a cup with a brush (like Grandpa did). Ivory is non-irritating on the skin. After each use, I dry my razor. Once a week I run it backwards up my arm about ten times to hone it. I get a good six months out of each blade. Believe it or not, I get a closer shave now than when I was spending money to shave.

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