School Lockdown, How One affected My Family

school lockdown

Recently one of my grandsons was caught in a school lockdown.  This was caused when an illegal alien shot and killed two police officers, wounded a third and one civilian.  One of the officers was shot and killed, and another wounded near the school my grandson attended.  Place County Sheriff’s Detective Michael David Davis who was killed near the school was a good man with a family and did not deserve to die at the hands of an illegal alien.

The shooting caused the high school to go on full school lockdown and to remain in this condition for about 5 to 6 hours. During this entire time the students were kept locked in their classrooms most without access to water, food or toilet facilities.  Now needless to say this became a problem. My grandson was one of the lucky ones in that he was in a small separate building with a bathroom attached. The students in some classrooms ended up using trashcans for toilets.

The high school is now trying to take action to be prepared for this type of event in case it happens in the future. According to an article in the Auburn journal, dated Nov 12, 2014.

“With hindsight, Placer High educators are now asking for the public’s help to fund lockdown emergency kits in each classroom to help students and teachers more easily get more comfortably through what could be a period of several hours without access to food, water or restrooms.

Placer High has started a fundraising campaign asking parents and other members of the Auburn community for donations to pay for the kits. Each kit – which includes a bucket with snap-on toilet lid, energy bars, water, toilet paper and other lockdown gear – costs $72.

A lockdown kit is designed to aid a classroom of 30 students. Placer High is hoping that donations will fund 70 kits, Assistant Principal Steve Caminiti said.”

Even at the end of the lockdown, the school refused to let the students leave until a responsible family member showed up and signed for them. This led to long lines and took several hours.

Now this brings up several questions for you, about school lockdowns.

      • Should you include some emergency supplies in your child’s school backpack?
      • Should you encourage your school to stock supplies?
      • What type of a plan does your school have for releasing children to their parents and how does it affect you?
      • If you plan to bug out, how will a delay caused by a school lockdown affect you?

Now I don’t have all the answers, I do applaud the preparedness efforts, even if they are a bit late.  But I still have several unanswered questions; do you include extra supplies with your child and what kind of problems will this cause them, when they pull them out?  My second question is how do I get my child out of school in a timely manner?

As to how getting a child out of school will affect your personal preparedness plans, I have no idea.  But you need to take this possible time delay into consideration, when making plans. Keep in mind that they had numerous police officers on hand to enforce these rules.

Let us know if you have any ideas.


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