Lock Your Doors and Load your Guns

Yesterday, the city attorney of San Bernardino, California made the statement in a public meeting that because of the large reduction in the police force and the increased crime rate that citizens should go home, lock their doors and load their guns.

I think this is only the beginning; the same conditions are appearing in other towns in California and in the certain parts of the northeastern states as a result of the financial collapse.  The town I live in is smaller and has a good police force, but the numbers of car and home burglaries are up.  This is the result of people driving 50 or 100 miles or more to commit them.

In smaller communities that traditional have had low rates of crime, people leave things in their yards and are much less careful about locking up.  A while back, I had to go to a city in the bay area; during the day I parked on a street in a business district and notice that every car on the block had a locking device on the steering wheel.

Check with your local law enforcement and see if the crime rate in your area is increasing.  Regardless of where you live, I will bet the rate is going up.  Check your locks, put in that motion detector light, put in a alarm, get a gun safe, buy a dog.  In other words, do what you need to make your home safe.

It no longer matters where you live; check your security, because crime will come to you.


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  1. Hi Howard says:

    Hi Howard

    Nice Blog


  2. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Kinda hard to load your guns in Kalifornia where they are evil and banned and ammo orders are banned etc etc

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