What You Need to Do to Increase Your Home Security

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With the bad weather back east, I noticed an article in today’s news, about people stealing wood.  One lady in New Hampshire who heats only with wood, went outside and found her entire woodpile missing.  Now most of us want to maintain some type of operational secrecy and avoid being noticed by our neighbors.  However many are not as careful about home security.  By this, I am talking about locking things and knowing what is going on around your property.

I know of preppers who live in the country not to far from me, who don’t lock their doors half the time and would never think about protecting something like a woodpile short of TEOTWAWKI.  Now losing your wood in the middle of one of the worst storms in years can be life threatening.

I walked around my own yard and found a couple of things that were more vulnerable than they should have been.  We are all molded to some degree by the area in which we live.  If we live in a normally crime free area we develop a normality bias that it will always be that way.  I am sure the lady in New Hampshire never expected things to change.  But someone needed wood, either for heat or to sell and she became a victim at a bad time.

Regardless of the storm, she expected things to be normal and safe.  Part of keeping yourself safe is knowing when to react to change.  I don’t know how she could have protected her woodpile.  Possibilities include yard lights, locked gates and fencing, relocating the pile, dogs, and yard alarms to warn of a vehicle approach.

Most of the things that I suggested require a bit of preplanning and preparation.  But you also need to get in the habit of using them.  You have locks on your door, but do you use them?  You need to develop good habits now.  Do you always carry keys with you, even around your property?  If you don’t get in the habit now, you may not have them in an emergency when you lock yourself out.

Here are some links to articles that I have written in the past on home security.

Hope this helps you with your home security.



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