Padlocks, What I Learned as a Result of Yesterdays Post


Master Pro Series Padlocks

Every day I learn something new, yesterday, I put up a post on  padlocks Padlocks and Hasps Need to be of Good Quality to Prevent Theft.  As a result of that post, I spent part of yesterday with a highly skilled and very reputable locksmith.  Because of what he showed me I am adding to yesterdays post.  He told me that the information I put up yesterday was correct, but that I had missed several things, some of which could save you money.

First let’s talk some more about Master Padlocks.  It turns out that there are three grades of Master Padlocks, the normal ones we are all familiar with, a commercial series and the Pro Series.  The basic Master lock and the commercial series are very similar with the main differences between them being different options on keying.  The Pro series is another story however.  The locksmith said that they are excellent padlocks being reasonably drill and pick resistant.  You can get them with or without a shroud and the lock cylinders can be rekeyed.  I got two of them off him and he keyed them the same in just a few minutes at no additional charge.  The locks cost me about $40.00 each.

I talked to him about Mul-T-Locks, he said that they were excellent padlocks, but very expensive at $150 each for the good ones.  He said that other than very high security applications he would not recommend them.

Padlock hasps

A good Quality Abus Hasp

He also suggested that we consider the higher grades of padlocks made by Abus, a German company.  The better grades of their locks are very good.  They also make excellent chains and hasps.  However, you need to avoid the cheaper grades.  He commented on how many times he gets called to home or businesses after a burglary and finds good locks and cheap hasps or chains.

His advice and after talking with him a while I agreed with, is that if you have a security problem you get advice on what to buy from a reputable locksmith.  Most companies make at least two grades of locks, for security get the higher grades, which often are not available in most stores.  Avoid all Chinese and off brand padlocks. I checked the prices of the two Pro Series locks that I purchased against the prices on the internet and to my surprise they were quite compatible.

Hope this helps you to keep your preps secure.


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2 Responses to Padlocks, What I Learned as a Result of Yesterdays Post

  1. Randy says:

    Some of the cheaper padlocks Master, you can take two hammers, hold one like an anvil under the lock, whack the lock with the other hammer and pop the lock open.

  2. laura m. says:

    Some info on local news, people breaking into storage units using a bolt cutter. Some are not under security (wide open from the streets) anyone can come in. Some have cameras installed on the premises. Check padlocks that are x strong that can’t be cut.

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