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The Radical Left Wants to Destroy Police Morale

police moraleEver since the shooting in Ferguson, we have watched the attacks on police morale that have been taking place in many parts of the United States.  The most recent demonstrations and problems have taken place in Baltimore.  These may be the most serious.  Now first don’t get me wrong I believe that the police need to follow the Constitution  and treat the public with consideration and courtesy.  Baltimore residents fearful amid rash of homicides

However, what has occurred in Baltimore scares me, because police morale has been effectively destroyed. Arrests have dropped by 50% and violent crime is on the increase.  So far this month there have been 38 murders, well above their normal.

The Wicomico County, Maryland, Sheriff Mike Lewis (R) declared that police officers are “fearful” of doing their jobs on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“Sean, the Baltimore City Police Department, the officers particularly on the street, have been eviscerated, they’ve been disemboweled, their guts removed to have the courage to go out there and do this job. They’re very fearful that if they go out there and be proactive, which we all should be doing in law enforcement today, we can’t afford to be reactive, especially in urban areas. Those officers are no longer being proactive, and as you see, the violence has surged.”

I spent a good part of my life as a peace officer; one of my sons is currently in law enforcement and many of my friends are retired or active duty officers.  In talking with them, they are concerned, they feel like if they get into a bad situation they no longer can count on the support that they have always had.

The left is working hard to destroy effective law enforcement in this country.  The police now have to worry about people with cameras photographing them and the general public often fails to understand what has happened.  This causes a decrease in police morale and officers quitting and retiring early.  I am not against the use of cameras, but I am against people jumping to conclusions without all the facts.

When law enforcement is destroyed, you will see the crime rate rise, as it’s occurring now in Baltimore.  When the crime rate is high and the general public feels threaten, you will see them ready to trade liberty for security.  At that time, you may see gun confiscation and the police guided by the extreme left will become draconian.  I believe that this is a major goal of the radical left. We need to stop this now before the general public becomes scared.  Be very careful about jumping on the anti police bandwagon and helping to destroy police morale.



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  1. Should we allow the police to violate the Constitution, law, and their own policy, just to maintain their morale? Please tell me, do shiny badges grant special rights? Why are police (in many jurisdictions) involved in a shooting not questioned for 3 days? Because of a police union agreement, but citizens are immediately questioned because police know they are more likely to make statements incriminating themselves. In fact, even dispatchers are trained to get incriminating statements from people while on the 911 call. Why are police body cams turned off (“I forgot”), battery dead, or inoperative as happened May 23d in Oakland when police are likely to abuse their power? Why do cops use guns as a first resort on dogs instead of pepper spray? What am I supposed to think when a cop with a gun publicly writes that all lives do not matter? And he gets to decide who does matter and who doesn’t. Not a jury.

    Police One, a cop website with only verified cops as commenters, recently prohibited public viewing of article comments, when vile and racist comments received national attention. They didn’t say the comments were wrong, they hid them from view. What is the public supposed to think?

    What about public morale? I’m afraid of the police. Really. I’m afraid they’ll see me pulling my phone out of my pocket, see something shiny, and I’ll get shot, and they won’t be punished (“I was afraid for my life,” they’ll say). I’m afraid they will force their way into my house because they want to watch another house (Henderson, NV). Why do books like Rise of the Warrior Cop even exist? Because police are like Andy Griffith? Or because they are power-hungry bullies? Why was a cop deemed “unfit for service” hired by Cleveland police? (Tamir Rice shooting) On video recording the police, the police aren’t afraid the public “won’t understand”, they’re afraid it will show them abusing their power and breaking the law.

    Should we allow the police free rein to maintain their morale. I say no. I’m a libertarian, not a leftist.

  2. gonewiththewind

    “Why are police (in many jurisdictions) involved in a shooting not questioned for 3 days?” Why should they be questioned at all? If you or I were involved in a shooting we would lawyer up and never talk to the police.
    Anytime a policeman or politician or anyone breaks the law they should be brought to justice. What we saw in Ferguson and Baltimore is the police were emasculated. What we are seeing as a result is the law breakers are killing people with impunity. There is a right way and a wrong way to deal with police wrong doings. Baltimore is the wrong way. The mayor should step down, she screwed up big time.
    We all know the name and circumstances of the man who died while in police custody in Baltimore but who knows the names of the 48 people who were shot this month? Why don’t their lives matter? Is this the same as saying it is OK if civilians kill someone but if a person in custody dies (causes unknown yet) that all police in the city must be treated like criminals?
    I’m a conservative not a libertarian.

  3. Independent Voter

    When there is cop brutality, police depts need to take care of it better than they do now. That’s not what the problem is recently though. Nowadays, anytime there is a cop shooting involving a black person, the media jumps on it claiming the cop murdered an innocent person without finding out the whole story. We’re all supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, and that includes cops too. The media doesn’t care about that though, not when the racism angle makes such a sensational story.

    I live in an area that is almost entirely white. The alleged police brutality around here is always on white victims. You know what I’ve noticed? Both black and white alleged victims of alleged police brutality have a lot in common. They are usually lower income and lower class people who have previously been in trouble with the law. Often, they either run or fight when the officers try to arrest them. And, they’re usually guilty as sin.

    Cops see and deal with an awful lot of horrible stuff in their jobs. I don’t blame them if they occasionally get a little too rough with criminal lowlifes who have committed multiple crimes and are going to commit more. I especially don’t blame cops when they act in self-defense and end up killing someone – we all have the right to self-defense and that isn’t brutality.

    No, I don’t mind when the cops occasionally rough up a criminal, no matter what color he may be. The only reason I object to police brutality is because cops do sometimes arrest the wrong person.

  4. So I’m supposed to feel sorry for those, who have pretty much put themselves into this position(mainly in the more urban areas), that can destroy an individuals life on a whim because they feel scared? Sorry, that’s never going to happen.

    They knew what the job was before getting into it and if they’re that scared they can leave the job. This is starting to sound like some folks in the Reserve units I knew freaking out when when they found out they were being activated and heading to Iraq. Then trying every way possible to shirk their responsibility(to include getting pregnant and admittedly faking suicide attempts).

    Who can honestly say they never saw this coming? When the training dictates escalation of force for those not immediately compliant it isn’t ever going to end well. Dress them up enough times like soldiers and they’re going to start acting like soldiers. It’s just a shame they don’t have to abide by the same ROE real soldiers do, if they did this type of situation wouldn’t have presented itself.

    To active LEOs, you may want to think about putting the fire to the feet of your union since your dues more than likely assisted to emplace the very politicians that have now turned on you(for votes of all things). To keep it PG, harlots will be harlots.

    The Golden Rule should apply, the problem is it seems we’re seeing far to much of Maslow’s hammer instead.

    “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

  5. A old retired cop and soldier

    Police should follow the constitution while enforcing the law. This is simply the truth. But at the same time, the left and some others who dislike the police are attacking are doing exactly what this post says attacking their morale. Chris says that if they are scared they shouldn’t have the job. Obviously he has never been in a real life threatening situation, you get scared. But police work for twenty to thirty years, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and their families often live in the same neighborhoods and are threatened.

    Baltimore is just the beginning if the left has their way. Wait until the police don’t show up to work. Maybe that is what some of the police haters want. after a police shooting lets wait until we find out what really happened before we have a symbolic lynching.

  6. @A old retired cop and soldier. Whether or not if I’ve been in “real life threatening situation”(which I have been) is completely irrelevant, they chose the job and they’re supposed to be the “trained professionals” the politicians and media love to tout them to be. If the training is sub-par that’s the academies/dept. problem and something needs to be done.

    The fact is everyday LEOs get away with what would land a “civilian”(LEOs love to use that to describe non LEOs even though they themselves are civilians also) in jail for decades if not life. Meanwhile those supposed “good cops” see/know what the bad ones are doing and turn a blind eye because the retribution they’ll face. God forbid they honor the oath they’ve taken because it may interfere with their promotions/pensions.

    Really though it’s all moot since, for the most part, policing these days mainly focuses on revenue generation and not protecting the public.

    So if they believe the job to dangerous to continue maybe it’s time for a new one. Although they shouldn’t choose one from the list below.

    America’s most dangerous jobs
    1. Loggers
    2. Commercial Fishing
    3. Aircraft pilot and flight engineers
    4. Roofers
    5. Sanitation Workers
    6. Mining machine operator
    7. Truck drivers
    8. Farmers and ranchers
    9. Power linemen
    10. Construction workers


    Even construction workers(159) far exceed the number of LEOs(117) that died last year per 100,000 according to a police memorial site.

    “There were 117 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in 2014.”

    So tell us again how incredibly dangerous the job is again please. At least LEOs can defend themselves against the dangers they face.

    I’m not anti cop, I’m anti thug with a badge who has the power and backing to ruin innocent peoples lives.


  7. The police force in the USA has been militarized and is taught in the academies to suspect everyone is a threat. This was done on purpose to encourage incidents like Baltimore, Ferguson, Cleveland, on and on… So it can be exploited by some of the real parasites of our society who then call for the Feds to take control of America’s police forces (did anyone miss Sharpton calling for that in Baltimore). Police are being encouraged that they are above the law because they enforce the law over the lowly civilians (yes, they are civilians too). This also adds to the stirred up outrage over an incident. It is a storm that is being feed from both ends by the exact same people! The cops and protestors are just disposable pawns in their game for godlike control.

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