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Use the Zombie Bar to Secure Your Doors Against Burglaries and Home Invasions

The other day a couple of friends of mine who have many years of experience in law enforcement came by to visit me.  Now these guys have been around the block.  They have served in everything from SWAT to undercover narcotics.  They have lots of experience.

Recently the front door of one of their parents had been forced open in an attempted burglary; fortunately, the burglary alarm scared them off.  But they got the front door open and it was a double door with a good quality locking mechanism.

This got them to thinking about how to prevent burglaries.  Now the most common point of entry for most residential burglaries occurs at the side exterior garage door.  These are usually easy to force open.  Now over the years these officers had kicked in many doors, so they thought about what had been the hardest security device for them to force open.  This resulted in the Zombie Bar, which is basically a bit of medieval technology, but it is time tested.

Now I can tell you from my own law enforcement experience that this works.  It is easy to install and is very hard to force open.  They recommend the Zombie Bar http://www.zombie-bar.com/ be installed on your side garage exterior door or any other that is high venerable.  The only way someone is coming through it is to practically destroy the door, which results in a lot of noise.

Now everyone asks why the burglars don’t just break a window, but surprisingly most are scared to break glass, because of the sound.  The sound of glass breaking is easily recognizable and carries wells.  But nobody seems to pay much attention to the thump from forcing a door.

Now I can think of several good applications for this bar.  The first being the exterior garage doors.  If you live in a high crime area, you may want to put them on all your exterior doors to prevent home invasions.  They are a good inexpensive way to secure the door to a safe room.  How about the back door to your business?  I talked to one gentleman who says he wants to get them for all his doors, but will wait to install them until the situation gets worse.

zombie barThe Zombie Bar is reasonably priced and comes with everything you need to install it, including the hardware, lag bolts and spacers to keep you from having to damage your door molding.  This is a good way for you to sleep soundly at night knowing that your family is safe and secure.



15 thoughts on “Use the Zombie Bar to Secure Your Doors Against Burglaries and Home Invasions”

  1. I have an attached garage. I always lock the door from the house to the garage but how can I make the garage more secure?

    1. Depends on the doors or windows in the garage. IF you have a roll up style over head garage door, as opposed to a solid one piece slab garage door, then they make locks that will slide into the tracks to secure the overhead doors. For standard man doors into the garage from the outside, you want to be sure they are good quality, either steel or solid core exterior doors and fit them with a strong jam (jam armor) and good lock or something similar to this. Although this is ‘cute’ because it says Zombie Bar, it’s a simple piece of wood, the brackets and a 2×4 can be bought from most hardware stores for a LOT less.

      ALL of these are permanent installs, if you rent or for other reasons can’t install such security pieces. Or for those who travel, I recommend something like these…


      NO, I am not the seller or have any connection with this product, there are others out there that work just as well.

      I hope this helps?

  2. I have been considering something much stronger then the zombie bar. Imagine a triangle made from 2×4’s hinged to the wall adjacent to the door. You lower the bar from it’s park position against the wall and it places one of the legs of the triangle in front of the door. A wedge shaped block attached to the door would allow it to make firm contact with the door preventng any movement of the door at all.

  3. Whenever I see these door bars something always comes to mind…..chainsaw. Think about it and you should be able to come up with a solution easy enough. Looters/brigands won’t care if the door is destroyed while entering during WROL.

    1. You do know that a 2″x 4″ is just a measurement? Any materiel can be used. I use 2″x 4″ square-tubing (steel). If/when SHTF happens. Doors wont play much of a role in security. They will simply drive a vehicle through your wall/door

  4. Great article and great idea! I wish these were available at homedepot. I am ordering one tonight for my back kitchen door. All the guess work is done and it appears very simple to install. Robbers watch out! Thanks.

  5. I’m going to get this for the door that leads to the garage. I want to get it for the front door too but I don’t know if I’ll be okay with how it looks. We’re in a safe area but you can never be too careful.

    Tara |

    1. If you want to see through the window try chicken wire or wire fencing material held on with wire staples. Over the top of that use 2x4s with exterior dry wall screws at least 4 inches long. If you don’t want to keep using the window then cover it with something like steel plate, 2x4s, 3/4″ plywood, or anything that will hold up to a good pounding from a sledgehammer.

  6. These are available at Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Lowes. Almost any hardware store carries these brackets for less than $5 each. Don’t spend big dollars online. I have three doors protected this way. You can even make them work on a door that opens out.

  7. One point to note here. A “zombie” bar is very secure against criminals getting in, but also secure with residents trying to escape in event of fire or other emergency. Which is why builders don’t put them in homes to start with.
    If your in a high crime area, ya makes sense to add the additional security to seldom used, out of the way doors, it this should be balanced with security systems and a plan to get out, if you need to.

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