Things You can do to Increase the Security Around Your Home

Watching all the problems with layoffs since the election and now the war in the Middle East, I feel that now we will have increased security problems on both a personal and national level in the immediate future.

As I age, my eyesight grows weaker and my hearing is a problem and my wife’s isn’t much better.  Since we live by our selves and intent to for many years, this means we need to rethink the security around our home.  In a full-blown disaster situation, we have lots of family close, support and places to go.  But what about now, we still live in a relatively crime free area.  Talking to law enforcement officers in our area, crime has started to rise and more strangers are seen on the streets.

So what can you do to better your position?  One thing we did was by accident.  My wife wanted to do some landscaping and we killed the weeds and put rocks immediately around the house.  Since then I have noticed that it is easier for me to hear people walking on the rocks.

Consider putting in an alarm system.  We purchased some driveway alarms at Harbor Freight that were quite inexpensive and lets us know when a car pulls in or someone comes up to our front door.  Metal security doors are a good investment.  If the lights are off in the house, you can see out and people outside can’t see in.  Lights on motion detectors are inexpensive and a good deterrent.

Upgrade the fence around your home, personally, I like chain link, no maintenance in my lifetime.  Good fences help you to control access.  Get a dog, the size doesn’t even matter too much, even a small dog will serve as an early warning system and they don’t eat much.

Pay attention to what is happening in your neighborhood.  Get to know who lives near you.  They don’t have to become your best friend or know much about you, just be able to recognize them and maybe spot a potential troublemaker.

Whether you live on 100 acres or in a small apartment, there is always something you can do to help yourself.  Because of my past experience in both the fire service and law enforcement, I have some experience in this area.  If you have question or ideas for a blog let me know and I will try to answer your questions, either personally or in a blog.


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6 Responses to Things You can do to Increase the Security Around Your Home

  1. david says:

    One thing about rocks, I have heard security people say use gravel instead of larger rocks. The bigger rocks are projectiles to throw thru windows and your landscaping provided them.

  2. Ditch Doctor says:

    Thank you Howard for your article. I also have a law enforcement and fire service background adding up to 33 years. I like outside lights on motion detectors and deadbolts. My inside lights are on timers. Bad guys will try to enter your home thru doors and windows, so you need to secure them.
    I’m always surprised how many folks leave them doors unlocked or windows open.
    I know that fences make the best neighbors, but I don’t have a fence and my neighbors watch my house and will call 911 if something looks suspicious.
    Take care and God bless……

  3. Anon says:

    The house we live in is a burgler’s dream. Sliding glass door in the basement walk out, for easy and quiet access, glass on the top half of the front door, large hedge in front of a ground floor bay window. So many things we need to change, and our budget is really tight.

    • Ditch Doctor says:

      No problem Anon….put a broom stick in the track of the sliding door, cut down the hedge, and leave lights on. A noisey dog would keep any bad guy away as well. Most burglars are not professionals so you don’t need to live in Fort Knox.
      Good luck….

  4. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Stand outside and look all the way around your house and ask yourself “if I was going to break in or attack where would I do it?” Then work from there on improvements.
    This is the same approach used when setting up camp by the military. We move into the area and then step out and ask, then everyday we strive to build improvements. Some small, some large but always moving forward.

  5. booter says:

    All of this is ‘Good Advice’ I would add the following: defensive landscaping=plants which provide area separation & a line of defense (rose bushes, thorny shrubs, etc.), heavy-duty door strike plates w/oversize x-long mounting screws, drill holes into the door framing for using oversize ’16 penny’ nails as entry security (make the fitting tight enough to allow as little wiggle-room for the shut door). These nails will act as extra security bolts to keep the door from being forced, a loud-barking dog will be one of the most effective deterrent alarms you will have (in your yard if there’s evidence of the dog lying around this can act as a visual warning to whoever). If you string empty soda cans on fishing line in clusters throughout your property (paint them to be otherwise invisible at night, hidden in the landscape) w/noise makers inside, this will add another layer of defense to your property (giving occupants inside valuable time to prepare).

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