Self defence for You and Your Home Without Owning a Firearm

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Self defence in many states is a bit of a problem.  For instance, I live in California which is one of the more restrictive states.  Now I am no expert on all the laws, but I have a rough idea of what you can use for self defense in this state.  So I am going to throw out a few ideas for people who can’t carry or possess a firearm.

Now in California, you can’t carry a firearm on you without a concealed weapons permit.  If you are carrying one in your vehicle without a permit, it needs to be locked up and out of your control as well as unloaded.  Concealed weapon permits are not the easiest things to get in many parts of the state.  I am sure that similar laws apply in some other states.

Then there is the portion of the population that can’t own a firearm for one of several reason, felony convictions or mental problems.  These reasons may not preclude you needing to defend yourself or your home.  Check on the laws where you live and find out what you can legally carry or possess.

For instance in California you can’t legally possess a billy club or nightstick, it is a felony even in your own home.  But you can own cutlasses, swords, spears or tomahawks.  If you carry a baseball bat or axe handle in your car for protection it can be prosecuted as a felony.  But if you have the same bat with a ball and glove and are carrying it to play baseball it is legal.  In this state, some police officers if they stop you and see something that could be used as a weapon they will ask you if you carry it for protection.  If you say yes, you may be prosecuted.  Be very careful what you say to the police.

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In your home, you have more leeway.  I would strongly suggest that if you don’t have a firearm, that you keep one of the following next to your bed and maybe in other parts of your home.  These could include a baseball bat, cutlass, sword, large knife, tomahawk or even a hammer.  At night keep one of the new super bright flashlights with your choice of weapons.  Shining the light directly in someone’s eyes in the dark will effectively block their night vision and may even temporarily blind them.  This give you an advantage over someone who may be younger, faster and stronger than you.  It will only give you this advantage if you act.  Do not hesitate to defend yourself.  Strike quickly, hard and often.

Now some will say go out and study martial arts and I do not disagree with this advice.  In years past I have studied them myself.  If you can do this, it is great, but for some it is not practical.  This can be due to age or physical condition or even lack of time.  But still set up the best defense you can.  Don’t just quit.

Now I know that I have cited California as my example, but I am sure some other states have laws that are as ridiculous.  Know the self defence laws in your state and avoid violating them if at all possible.



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5 thoughts on “Self defence for You and Your Home Without Owning a Firearm”

  1. A friend of mine is an electrician who works in Washington, DC and lives in Virginia. He cannot take his licensed handgun into DC, and is reluctant even to drive his personal vehicle into the District, because out of state cars from “gun friendly” states are routinely stopped and swept with a chemical detector which will indicate the presence of minute amounts of explosive residue. If you ever transported your legal guns to and from a firing range, and any residue is detected in tbe sweep, tbis is used as probable cause to search your vehicle. People have been jailed for having as much a single piece of empty brass loose in the vehicle. If you don’t have a DC permit to posess a gun and ammunition, you will go to jail. It makes no difference if you are active duty military in uniform, or law enforcement from a neighboring jurisdiction. Unless you are armed for official government business, you will be arrested.

  2. Back in the “old days” ladies used hat pins as defensive weapons. I suspect that knitting needles made from metal or even some strong plastics could be fairly good defensive weapons. And, or course, we have kitchen knives.
    Hangtown Frank

  3. Veteran Who Is Preparing

    When I was going to a school before I got out we had an incident with the TSA. We were in uniform and under orders. One of our group forgot he had an empty magazine for his M-9 pistol in a pocket near the bottom of his assault pack he was using as a carry-on. He was detained for over an hour (the airline luckily held the flight). Eventually he was released and allowed to continue on before he missed the flight out of a major airport (that one would not be held up). When my chalk arrived at this same airport our Company First Sergeant was with. We had a very thorough check while Top tried to get the magazine back from the TSA. He pointed out it was US Government property and on our CO’s property book. The TSA said it was contraband and was confiscated by the US Government. The TSA goons were on a power trip and were threatening to kick all of us off the flight. Amongst ourselves we agreed if they tried we were going on our flight anyways cause we were under orders. And if they tried to stop us too bad for them and hopefully they had good medical insurance. Top told us to get on the flight no matter what these morons said and he would send this incident up the chain because the TSA stole US Military property. I never heard if we got the magazine back or if it was just dropped from the CO’s hand receipts. Moral of the story, doesn’t matter what your status is or the orders you are under there will always be some self important troll that is going to want to abuse their “power”. I have many other stories of our unit versus the TSA during travels under orders. One involving TSA confiscating “contraband” cookies from one of our guys and then they passed the box between them while the rest of us went through.

    1. Most of the TSA are uneducated trolls who can’t get a job anywhere else. Just like Bernie Sanders. Never worked a job a day in his life. That’s a fact. TSA should be disbanded, they are just a burden on our already overspent economy. DHS is another organization that should be disbanded, bunch of power hungry morons, more trolls who can’t get a job anywhere else.

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