If You Can’t Own a Firearm, What do You Keep by Your Bed for Protection at Night?

Imagine you live in a state that ignores the second amendment, or for some other reason you can’t own a firearm, what do you keep by your bed at night for protection.  A firearm would always be my first choice, if it is legal.  If not, there are many things that will serve as weapons.  Examples would be a baseball bat, golf clubs, knifes, axes, hammers, the list is almost endless.

However, a friend of mine has come up with a defensive idea that I feel is an excellent choice for people who can’t own or possess firearms.  He keeps a US Model 1917 Naval Cutlass and a can of pepper spray beside his bed.  The Model 1917 is a perfect choice it is short, the blade being 24 inches in length.  Because it was carried on some ships until 1949, original cutlasses are not too hard to find.  There are also several companies that manufacture replicas or similar short swords.

With these two items in a darkened house at night, imagine a blast of pepper spray in the face and being struck with the cutlass.  In a darkened house, that you are familiar with, you would stand a good chance against  a burglar armed with a firearm.  The 24-inch blade is short enough that you could use it in tight areas like a hallway.  In police training, you are taught that in many cases a man with a knife can reach you from 21 feet before you can draw and fire your weapon.  In the confines’ of a house, I would hate to encounter a determined defender armed with a cutlass and pepper spray, they just might kill you.


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8 Responses to If You Can’t Own a Firearm, What do You Keep by Your Bed for Protection at Night?

  1. Sceptic says:

    1. is this cutlass recommendation based on actual experience of its usefulness to a person not trained or proficient with edged weapons? What is that experience? One-off or established across many home invasion incidents? How fast is e.g. an elderly man, whose last (fist) fight was decades ago, at thrusting or swinging a cutlass in the face of a street-smart and (fire)-armed home invader of 20-25 yrs., this age group being the home invaders?

    2. does this recommendation take the legal situation into account in various jurisdictions of the USA and other countries? If I injure or kill an intruder pre-SHTF with a baseball bat, may the law view my action differently than if I was holding an edged military weapon in reserve, ready to injure or kill him?

  2. admin says:

    This information is based on my own experience as a law enforcement officer and the recommendation of some experienced self defense experts. The elderly man is going to be handicapped with any weapon, except for maybe a firearm. That is partly what the pepper spray is for, to slow someone down. No weapon is perfect for every occasion or person.
    As far as the law I am going to defend myself to the best of my ability. I don’t know the law in every state, but in California you could get away with using one for self defense if your life was in jeopardy.

  3. ke4sky says:

    State and local laws on use of deadly force vary greatly. Before using an edged weapon, I would strongly recommend that you seek both legal advise and suitable training. An alternative to a cutlass is the riot baton. Likewise, you should not purchase or use one without training. The following tutorial does not substitute for hands-on training from a certified instructor, but is intended as familiarization.


  4. jf says:

    Bear spray

  5. People are always complaining about something! I swear, so many people think it’s a firearm or nothing and there’s no other option. I say kudos to those who choose to come up with an alternative and don’t just choose to ignore threats.

  6. ke4sky says:

    In West Virginia open carry of a firearm without a permit, or concealed carry with a permit is legal, however, the concealed carry permit applies only to a “pistol or revolver.” It is unlawful to carry a knife having a blade over 3-1/2 inches with the intent of using it as a weapon. A baton or baseball bat is legal for self defense within your home or business premises, but if carried openly in public comes under §61-7-11. Brandishing deadly weapons; threatening or causing breach of the peace; criminal penalties. It shall be unlawful for any person armed with a firearm or other deadly weapon, whether licensed to carry the same or not, to carry, brandish or use such weapon in a way or manner to cause, or threaten, a breach of the peace…..

  7. Mystery Guest says:

    I personally sleep with a knife, lead pipe and ice pick. Whichever one I grab first is going to be used if there is an intruder in my house. I at that time will be concentrating on saving my OLD wrinkled fanny and the sanctity of my home. And if they hurt my dog I will get real mean. And California can go eat dirt.

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