Improvised Self Defense Weapons

In every society, there is always a portion of the public that for one reason or another doesn’t own firearms.  This may be because of laws prohibiting them, finances or simple a lack of a desire or a pacifistic nature.

When push finally comes to shove as it has in parts of the East Coast and a weapon is needed the lack of a firearm doesn’t prevent you from getting a weapon, it merely means that you do not have the best choice.

Many things we normally have around the house can be readily adapted.  A weapon is a tool and many items you have in your home can serve.  I had my wife take a quick couple of minute survey of our home to see what she could find that could be used as a weapon.  I purposely limited the areas that she could look.  She did not go to the garage or look through the yard tools.  Our preps were also off limits.  I wanted it to be more like someone looking in a normal home or apartment.  I told her there was no time to alter the items she picked, they had to serve as is.

She found quite a few things that could be improvised in a hurry.  If you included the garage and yard tools, there would be a lot bigger pile.  This goes to prove one thing you cannot create a weaponless sociality.   A weapon is only a tool and such things as a rock have served effectively when correctly used.

From left to right she found a ski pole, an African spear, A jo staff, a baseball bat, a short sword, an antique soldering iron, a hammer, a fire extinguisher, two kitchen knifes, a flashlight and a walking stick. Now this was in just a couple of minutes with no warning, given a little time and no limits, she could come up with more and better.

A weapon is always more efficient when you get to practice with it.  Develop some skill.  In watching the news I notice that many people in New York and New Jersey are defending their property with whatever is available.  I have seen reports of people with bows and arrows, machetes and baseball bats.  If they are available, firearms are always your best choice.  Pepper spray and good batons are a good alternative to lethal force.  But the bottom line is if you can’t have firearms, improvise.  Don’t just give up.


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  1. I did a similar post on sporting equipment as makeshift DIY weapons that made me think about what could be possible if you had to make do. It was an interesting thought experiment but I’d much prefer a real weapon.

  2. tracy says:

    I had to improvise durring the aftermath of hurricaine charley…live right outside of punta gorda. Single mom….retired cop from nyc. Usually well armed, but opened garage door for air while starting generator. two armed men with shotgun came in and simply started walking out with generator without a word! My shotgun was leaning on wall behind them….dumb move. But I was by my garden supplies……can of wasp spray (shoots farther in a stream) and my bar-b-que zippo lighter….wasnt sure it would work, but it did! Lit stream of spray and one mans hair lit up! Not a big fire as fires go….but they panicked so much they just took off. And they were armed! Nothing like a mini-flame thrower to startle someone, I guess! Only problem I had….but I also never put my shotgun against a wall again! LOL

  3. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Great exercise
    There are alot of options for offensive weapondry but they do not take the place of training. Instead they go together. If you believe you might use random blunt force objects then bayonet style military training, martial arts with weapons such as kungfu or escrima, fencing or medival style staff/sword training should be obtained and then practiced.
    If you are true to being prepared and into prepardness and live in a place where weapondry is unobtainable or disallowed then you are not being real to yourself.

  4. Joe Machinegun says:

    I have found, for defense is not necesary to kill, just stop the agression, my favorite is a shotgun, charged with rubber bullets, or wood or grain salt, with the 1rst and 2nd you have between 1 and 2 minutes to fix its hands and legs, with the 3rd they usually go to another place with great pain, and you did not have to kill anybody. But depends of the situation, always based in your right for live, and the rest of basic human rights, for you and your beloved ones.
    Just in case get a CO2 estinguisher botle, take of the valve clean inside with abrasive dust turning in a cradle with 4 ball bearings an a band to a small electric motor, when is clean wash and dry to put a liquid epoxi resin; get a new valve for ammonia adapted and charged with amonia, you can overpresure with Nitrogen to 500 or 1000 pounds per square inch, with an appropiate high pressure hose and pistol you cna defend youself from satan itself(joke)

  5. rob says:

    Wasp spray is an alternative to pepper spray for protection against assailants. It inexpensive, easy to find.

    The cans typically shoot 20 to 30 feet; so if someone tries to break into your home, “spray the culprit in the eyes”.

    • Veteran Who is Preparing says:

      Or you can do what we used to do when bored in the motor pool. Start spraying, hit your lighter to get it going, and then slowly bring it up to the stream. We found that spray adhesive had very interesting results with MRE cases. Be advised that the can does seem to empty faster than normal doing this. We never could figure that one out.

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