Improvised Weapons and their Availability

improvised weapons

Prison made weapons

Recently I was talking with a friend about improvised weapons and he went blank.  I asked him what he would grab that was close around him to defend himself.  He hesitated and by the time he came up with something, he would have been dead.

Now in most places there is something that you can grab that will be useful as a defense weapon.  One of my granddaughters was in someone else’s home recently when a very disreputable appearing person walked in unannounced.  My granddaughter did not know the person and it concerned her.  I asked her what her reaction was.  She said she looked for a weapon and picked up a kitchen knife.  It turned out the people at the home knew the individual and there was no problem.  But her reaction was good, no panic, she just reacted to defend herself if needed.

In most homes or buildings, you can make improvised weapons from objects that are readily available.  If you don’t believe me, ask a prison guard, in the most controlled of environments a large percentage of the population have access to weapons.

You need to spend a bit of time looking at the various locations you find yourself in and think about what you could use to defend yourself.  There are almost always items that can be used as improvised clubs.  Things as simple as a bar of soap or a handful of gravel in the toe of a sock can be an improvise sap.

A few examples of improvised weapons

improvised weapons

A rolled up magazine can be an effective weapon

  • Sports equipment such as baseball bats, golf clubs, tennis rackets and dumbbells
  • Objects made of glass, such as soda or beer bottles
  • Tools such as sledgehammers, wenches, axes, tire irons, shovels and fire extinguishers
  • Construction materials, such as 2×4s, pipes and bricks
  • Natural materials, such as rocks
  • Kitchen items such as frying pans, rolling pins and knifes.
  • Living room, lamps, a rolled up magazine, or heavy Knick Knacks

The big thing is that you need to be alert to the possibilities, regardless of where you are.  Take a few minutes and look around you and see what is available, especially in your home.




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2 Responses to Improvised Weapons and their Availability

  1. Ed Harris says:

    I found this story interesting. If all you have is a plastic spoon:

  2. KALEB says:

    hmm this is interesting I did a bit of research a while back, and I came up with just about anything hard, sharp or heavy, and if it didn’t fit those requirements it was good for making a weapon. e.g. duct tape, nails, tires.

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