A Few Corks in Your Supplies

Today we were using a borrowed cooler and found that the drain plug was missing.  The cooler full of ice was going to be placed in a building  and we needed a good water seal.  The easiest thing was to plug the hole from the inside with a cork.  This got me to thinking that a few corks maybe a worthwhile item to have in your storage.

We are so used to having screw lids that we forget they are a recent development.  A hundred years ago corks and glass stoppers were very common.  In an emergency situation, screw lids will break and be lost, a few corks might be useful.  Too large is always better than too small, you can cut them down.

Corks can also be used as pincushions, fishing bobbers, and whatever else you can imagine.  They can be purchased at hobby stores like Hobby Lobby for $2.99 a dozen.  Other sources include suppliers of winemaking supplies, and of cause the internet.


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  1. AnonFreeMan says:

    You can burn the end of a cork and use it to blacken the hands and face for night patrol.

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