So what is the Best Equipment for the Job?

best equipmentI am a self-admitted gear nut; I have one of almost everything when it comes to preparedness.  By no stretch of the imagination could I carry everything I have.  Scrounging just comes naturally to me; I find stuff in garage sales, thrift shops and get products sent to me to review.  This gives me a chance to play with many different toys and help other members of my family prep. So what is the best equipment for the job?

What it comes down to is the best equipment for the job is what you have available.  That is often what you have in your pockets.  So while the gear is nice and I would much prefer to have it, you are often forced to use what is available.

As you are going about your daily routine, stop and take a look around you.  Consider what you would do if you were suddenly faced with a complete power failure caused by EMP or an extremely serious earthquake.  What do you have in your pockets, what else do you have available to help you.  If you are home, probably quite a bit, if you are near your car you should have a get home bag.  But what about if you took the bus to town or you are on a hike in the country and are a few miles from your car.

You may have little too no equipment.  Now what is the best equipment for the job?  It is what you have in your hands or what you can make from the things around you.  For example that metal can you find by the side of the road may become the container used to boil your drinking water.  That plastic bottle may be used to purify your water by SODIS.   A piece of metal or wood may become a weapon.  The battery from and old car may be a way to start a fire.  There are literally thousands of thing you can do in this type of situation to improve your survival odds.

Knowledge and imagination can let you take advantage of opportunities that others may miss. Stop periodically and look around you and visualize a scenario and how you would react to it.  Think about what is available that you could use.  By all means don’t stop prepping and acquiring the gear you need, but remember the best equipment for the job is what you can reach.


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