Don’t Panic, Preparedness is a Process

My wife and I were talking this morning about how some of the people we know react to events.  They put preparedness on the back burner until something happens, then they panic.  They end up spending money that they don’t have, borrowing or putting preps on charge cards.  Now it is better than doing nothing.  But it is not the best way to go.

Preparedness is a process that should be ongoing.  It should be part of your monthly expenses the same as a house payment or utility bill.  Budget a set amount to buy preps with on a regular basis.  This keeps you from making mistakes and wasting money.  My wife keeps a list of what we need to accomplish.  Items are prioritized and done in order of importance.  This keeps us from making mistakes, forgetting important ideas, or being distracted by the gimmick of the month.

Think of preparedness as a marathon and not a sprint.  Over the years, I have seen people panic over a single event, charge up a bunch of preps and a year later they are giving them away.  Sometimes this has been good for me; I have gotten some cheap preps this way.

Since the shooting in Orlando, there has been much talk about new firearms restrictions.  As a result, there will be a rush to buy guns and ammo.   This is a good example of what I am talking about.  People will go into debt and pay too much.  If they had been budgeting for these types of expenses and buying regularly, they would already have what they need.

In the next few weeks, the price and availability of guns and ammo will be affected by the increased demand.  Now over the last 40+ years that I have been prepping I have seen temporary price increases in many products.  Don’t panic and pay too much.  The prices do come back down.  If you really have nothing you may have to spend the money.  But to many people get excited and rush out and buy items, they don’t really need at high prices.

Make up lists of what you need, prioritize them and budget for them.  Don’t panic buy.


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  1. I completely agree! There have recentlhy been several searches in the nearby Sierra Nevadas which could have ended badly for lack of a little preparedness. One parent was telling the media that the searchers should have had a portable cellular unit to track his son’s phone signal. Many thousands of dollars vs his son carrying a rescue beacon transmitter costing a few hundred. Another hiker lost and his only cell phone battery died (cell phone charger less than $10). I recently purchased several automobile gps units at a local thrift store for about $10ea. I guess most people are discarding them since they have cell phones with gps. They do not realize that a cell signal is not as reliable as a gps signal. There are many areas which do not have cellular service but a gps will work fine.

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