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More ideas on being a Successful Old Prepper

The other day I wrote a blog on the realities of of being an old prepper. Some Helpful Tips for Older Preppers Understand that getting old doesn’t mean that we are done as preppers; it merely changes the ground rules.  Most of us older preppers have a family of younger people that we love and care about (if not create your own, adopt some).  Some of them may be preppers or at least leaning that way.  Some may not be established in their careers enough to financially do all they want to.

In my own family, I have grandchildren that fall into this category.  They have a desire, and are trying but at the same time, they are limited in what they can accomplish.  In the meantime, I have a bit of extra time and money, so we plan to help them in various ways.  Does this mean we do it all for them, not by any means, but that extra food we are storing may mean the difference between them surviving or not.  As well as helping them it also helps us, their young hands combined with our knowledge can make a strong team.

As an old prepper one thing I  can do is to pass along our life experiences.  Depending on the age of the young people, teenagers in particular, they won’t pay attention.  So write them down, these types of stories have a tendency to go from junk to treasured family history upon our deaths. Write about the hardships you have faced and overcome.

Until about 15 years ago I lifted weights and trained with martial arts.  Then I had an accident that severely broke my right arm.   After I recovered I had lost the habit and didn’t start back on my exercise program.  This resulted in my gaining about 40 lbs and getting out of shape. Regardless of what some people say round is not a shape when it comes to your body.  so starting a while back I went on a diet and lost the 40 lbs.  Now I have been back in the gym for a while.  Unfortunately I am discovering the sad truth that it is a lot easier to stay in shape, than gain it back at our age.  If you are in shape do everything you can to stay there, if you are out of shape, start today to get back into the best shape you can regardless of your medical conditions.

For you middle-aged preppers, old age will sneak up on you quicker than you think.  You may be about to run long distances and press 300 lbs, but that can change overnight.  So you plan to bug out, do you have an alternate plan in case you break your leg or get sick?  Just like you prepare for disasters, prepare for getting older.  Don’t despair it is something that we all face and it has its good side.  We get to watch our families grow up, that is worth staying around for.  Never give up to old age.


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  1. Very good points, Howard. I held the same ideas as you before my health issues and had the same rude awakening afterward. I also pass along my knowledge to younger folks.
    Many of us older folks are on prescription medications which can put us in jeopardy if meds become unavailable for any reason. What I suggest is to explore natural remedies for any specific ailments you have and, if possible, grow your own plants and learn how to use them properly. Many are every bit as effective as their synthetic counterparts with fewer harmful side effects. Even if they are slightly less effective, it’s better than nothing. An herb garden takes little space, can be grown in window boxes or indoors in good light. Also common vegetables can be medicinal. Beets or beet juice can lower blood pressure, raw mushrooms and raw broccoli can replace diuretics, rose hips or a tea made from pine needles can provide vitamin C. Garlic and apple cider vinegar both have many beneficial effects on health problems. The list goes on. For older preppers, learning about alternatives to conventional meds is a wise move.

  2. No MEDS in this household for these Seniors! Take control of your health with organic solutions. And, My teenage grandkids DO listen….I actually enlisted them to help me get my 30-42’s on board! Can be done, keep trying.

  3. Long time prepper here although my interest was more about survival camping and hiking I begin to see other threats as unbelievable things go on in this world. I have been saving useful things since childhood where I grew up in the woods and on the lakes and have much in place such as the ancient airstream trailer full of every kind of camp equip I could need. Rain barrel system and a fairly great filtration system buckets and buckets piles of water bricks crates tools. We had good times over the years practicing pioneer living gardening and learning the old ways of food prep and food storage but as it turned out I ended up alone and to add insult I turned 60! What a shock! Well …I caught this thread today on Pinterest and it made me smile. Thank you! Keep it going!

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