Preppers Need to Think About Recycling Bad Ideas

Recycling Bad Ideas

The Notox Water Filters

About 30 years or so ago a company named Notox put out a water filter that consisted of a funnel made of a “Unique Charcoal Filled Paper”, needless to say it was a bad idea and useless.  However, they sold a lot of them and they ended up in many preppers supplies.  Some people may still even believe they work.  Now me, I like recycling bad ideas.

The other day an old friend gave me a couple of hundred of them.  My first thought was to throw them away and then I got to thinking about recycling bad ideas.  Now there is a stream right across the street from my house and most of the time it looks pretty clear, but lately with the drought, it has been looking a bit gunky.  I played with them and found that they made good pre-filters.  They do a good job of taking out the bigger chunks that will clog my more expensive filters.

Every time someone wants to get rid of some old food, I take it.  One reason is to check on its shelf live.  The second is that it can be good animal feed.  Dog and pigs systems are different from ours and they can eat rancid food without any ill effects.  The food is usually being gotten rid of for one of three reasons.  One they purchased from a less than reputable company.  Two they stored it incorrectly, normally in a hot area.  Three they did not rotate their food and even the best foods will go bad eventually.  Their mistakes have often been my gain.

Now these are just a couple of example, any prepper who has been doing this for very long will make mistakes.  My idea is we need to think about recycling bad ideas.  Re-purposing somebody else’s bad ideas can save you money. Most things can be used for an alternate purpose if we just take the time to look for that use.  I have scored big on this several times.


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2 Responses to Preppers Need to Think About Recycling Bad Ideas

  1. Chuck Findlay says:

    I live in Toledo Ohio and recently i got a lot of filters (35 of them) that sound like the ones you got. They are from the 1970’s and made by a local company that went out of business. But I noticed the address is the same as a company now calling itself Collingwood Water. But I also don’t trust them and plan on using then for pre-filters.

    One use I thought about is post SHTF to hand them out to others and also tell people that they need to boil the water after it comes out of the filter. By filtering out junk and boiling they would get good water.

    Even when these old filters are not up to the level of modern filters, you can still make good use of them.

  2. Bev says:

    Great idea guys thanks. I plan on using the big commercial coffee filters, they make a great pre-filter – seems to make sense to save expensive filters for final filter run.

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