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Using Lists to Keep Your Preps Organized

As I get older the more I value lists and the organization that they bring, they help me save time, effort and money.  Using lists to keep your preps organized will help make your life easier.  There are three lists that I use to keep my preps organized.

For instance, today I noticed that it is time to rotate a couple of cans of gasoline.  Keeping a list of items that need to be rotated and doing so, will keep your supplies fresh and prevent waste.

The first list is of items that need to be rotated or checked, for example.

  • Gasoline
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Medications, here you have to be careful, don’t always go by the expiration dates, do some research, many medicines are good years passed the dates on the containers.
  • Food short-term storage the same as for medicines, don’t buy into the best use dates on the cans.  Best Used By Dates On Canned Foods are Often Misunderstood.
  • Foods for long-term storage, grains, freeze dried etc. Should be checked at least yearly for rust, rats etc.
  • Seeds, some seeds are best if rotated periodically.  The Long Term Storage Life of Seeds
  • Water purification tablets
  • Batteries
  • Water, you should check this periodically.  You may not need to rotate the water, but you can always have leaks or other damage.
  • Items that I have not included that you store.

The second list is a key to where you have stored your supplies.  Sometimes it gets hard to remember where you put that special item you just want to check on.  This can also double as an inventory list.

The third list is things that you want to acquire.  This is an important list, because it lets you see where you are short, so that you can determine what is your highest priority.  It can also make a great Christmas and birthday wish list.

I have found that having these three lists make it much easier to keep your preps organized.  In an emergency, it will make your preps much easier to find and you will know exactly what you have.


3 thoughts on “Using Lists to Keep Your Preps Organized”

  1. Veteran Who Is Preparing

    Don’t forget a list of books and publications on hand. It is a lot faster than checking the bookshelves to see if you already have a copy, and the edition or publication year.

  2. I’ve always admired people who don’t need lists for everything, but as I am one who do need such, I find every organizational advice helpful.

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