So You Want to Start Prepping, Where do You Begin? Part 2

start preppingNow that you have had a little bit of time to think about steps 1 and 2.  Here are the last two steps for you to work on to start prepping.

Step 3, Now that you have decided what you are preparing for and for how long, it is time to take that first bite of the elephant.  Not very many of us have the financial resources to run out and buy everything we need at once.  Therefore, we have to prioritize our purchases.  The order in which you prioritize your purchases will depend on many things.

1. Where do you live?  What are the weather conditions in your area?  Do you have hard winters and lots of rain or snow?  Do you live in the desert?  Do you need to store large amounts of water or is fuel for heating more important?

2. Are you in an urban or rural environment?  How much land do you have?

3. Do you normally plant a vegetable garden?  Do you raise crops, or have farm animals?  Do you have a well or is surface water available?

4. What are your skills?  Can you start a fire without matches?  Are you an outdoorsman or a city slicker?  Have you had military training?  Do you hunt?

5. Are you on prescription medicines?  How important are they to you?  Think about how you can build up a reserve of your necessary meds.  Do you have a good first aid kit?

6. What dangers do you face from the people in the area in which you live?

Now that you have taken your location and skills into consideration, prioritize your needs.  Good water is always your first consideration.  Second is food or shelter depending on the climatic conditions.

Now take into consideration your skill level and needs.  Start to make a list of your basic requirements.  How much food do you need to store.  Do not worry about the list being incomplete because it will continue to evolve as your knowledge increases.

STEP 4.  Prepare a budget.  I strongly recommend that you do not go into debt to start prepping.  Consider eliminating unnecessary expenses.  Do you really need cable TV?  Plan to buy a few items every month, starting with the highest priority.  If you are conscientious about it, you will be surprised by how quickly you will accumulate your supplies.

Set goals; start out by being able to live on your supplies for one month then two.  Build in stages, don’t rush out and buy a lot of one item and be short of others.

You can use several tricks to stretch your money.  Pay close attention to the sales.  Shop online: you can get better prices.  Just make sure that you deal with reputable companies.  Check the company’s reviews online.  Buy products that are out of season.  For example, purchase cold weather clothing in the middle of summer.

Do not forget about garage sales.  I have saved a lot of money buying items like sleeping bags, tents and other camping gear, paying only pennies on the dollar.  Remember to haggle so you can get the best prices.  You will be surprised at how many discounts you can get just by asking.

Ebay and Craigslist are other good sources.  When it comes to Craigslist, you need to be quick and call fast bargains sell quickly.  Many of you may be leery about meeting people you do not know.  I always like to do trades and purchases in public, well-lit areas like a restaurant or a fast food parking lot.

Here are a couple of older posts that may help you start prepping, Beginning Prepping and the Basics of Food Storage,  Some suggestions for beginning preppers.   

Remember knowledge is king, it will help you decide what supplies you need to have to start prepping.  It will save you money and even if you lack preps may keep you alive.



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