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What is Your Most Important Prep?

This is something that I given a lot of thought too.  My stock answer in the past has always been knowledge.  While knowledge is a good answer and quite important, I think, there is a better answer.  Your most important prep is the one that makes the difference between life and death.

Knowledge can be good, but if it is all book knowledge, you can die while you are trying to apply it.  Book knowledge has to be converted from theory to a working knowledge or skill.  A good example would be fire starting, it is great to have the knowledge that birch bark will make good tinder, but until you have tried it and made it work, you don’t have a skill.

You can have a backpack full of the finest survival products in the world and die while you are trying to figure them out.  When you are working under adverse conditions, you don’t have time to figure things out.  You need to know what to do.

There is an old saying beware of the man who only has one gun.  He probably knows how to use it!  I know people who have many firearms and are not really good with any of them.  They go for numbers and gimmicks rather than skill.  The same thing applies to your bug out bag or other preps.

On a camping trip, I was on a few years ago, there were two gentlemen with different tents.  One was an expensive highly rated tent that was new in the wrapper.  The other was a inexpensive Walmart tent that showed sign of lots of use.  They both set up their tents and went to bed.  During the night, it rained hard.  The next morning the man who owned the Walmart tent was up and had a good night’s sleep.  The man in the expensive tent had a bad night, it seems his tent leaked and he ended up cold and wet.  The point of this story is the one man knew his gear the other didn’t.

Your gear does not have to be the best or the most expensive, it just has to work.  So I guess there is no one most important prep.  It is all-important, so practice with the preps you have and develop your skills.  The preps you have and have practiced with are the ones that will save your life


4 thoughts on “What is Your Most Important Prep?”

  1. I’m thinking one of the first things to consider is how to build an outhouse. If “SHTF,” water may not be readily available and your bathroom won’t be useable. I don’t want to be running around my “yard” looking for some privacy.

  2. Rosie has a good point. Next to a safe and reliable supply of potable water, the most important thing in keeping healthy is maintaing basic sanitation.

    Hydration, nutrition, sanitation, protection, innovation, motivation.

  3. I owned the trails, fire roads and deer trails at Point Reyes National Seashore. having walked every trail and track several times. then one day, when the pea soup coastal fog rolled in. SURPRIZE! the only things that I had with me were binoculars and a pocket knife and I was off trail. no problem. all I had to do to find north is look at the moss which is thickest on the north side of the tree,except in a rain forest where the rain fell for 6 months of the year and the heavy fog lasted four more months my options at the time were bushwhack down the the coastal highway which could easily do but being wet and cold from the fog, wouldn’t have been much fun. then I heard the passenger jet which had been going over every 3 minutes for the time that I was almost lost. when the fog is in, arrivals at San Francisco area airports always fly from north to south along the coastal mountains so that way was north once north was known, then the trail was west about 400 feet. LESSONS LEARNED – in any other area, I could easily have been in deep brown stuff. that was the last time I ever went hiking without some backup as follows: always in my pocket is a button compass – amazon 10 for about $10. in my day pack are a fire kit, first aid kit, water, extra clothing – remember I was wet and cold, it wasn’t a problem but in another time and place it could have been a major problem. light food – candy, power bars,, nuts, dried fruit and jerky are a good start. this is the minimum that I take. everyone will have different ideas about what to carry. check a good camping or hiking book – youtube – what to carry when hiking. while at youtube, see related info.

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