As the Hurricane Hits the East Coast, Can We Learn From It.

Watching Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast shows just how vulnerable we are to things beyond our control, storms, fire, earthquakes and man made disasters.  You can have all the preps you could possible need to bug in, but if your house is in the wrong spot, your preps may be history.  There is an old saying in real estate, location, location, location; well it applies in preparedness as well. Give a lot of thought to where you live.  If you don’t have a bug out plan, you may be just another refuge.  Now me I plan to bug in, but I always have a plan B.

As we watch a storm like the one in the east we need to pray for the safety of the effected people, but at the same time, we need to learn from it.  This may be bigger than Katarina and it definitely will affect more people.  On the news, they are saying that almost 25% of the people in the US will be effected by this storm.

The news channels are showing empty shelves in the grocery stores.  Even with all the warning that has been given over the last week many people are still not prepared or waited until the last minute.   I do not think that the  Federal and State Governments will be able to provide the necessary help for the unprepared.

From the demographics of this blog, we have a large number of readers located in the storm area.  At this time, we should pray for their safety.  As we watch this storm, we should attempt to learn from it.  Hopefully our readers will come through the storm without major problems.  After it is over, I hope that some are willing to share their experiences and help the rest of us learn.


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