Duct Tape and it’s Many Uses

duct tapeI have written about duct tape before and why you need to store it, but we recently came up with a few more reasons, so here is another blog.  There are so many uses there is even a book written about it.

I have used it for a temporary fix on radiators hoses and to repair tennis shoes.  I came home one day and the door of the freezer was taped shut.  My wife explained that she had shoved so much food in the freeze the door would not stay shut so she taped it shut.  It can be used to repair clothes, backpacks almost anything.  I always carry some of it in my backpacks and vehicles.  You can even twist it together to make a rope.

Duct tape was originally created during World War II when the US military needed a flexible, durable, waterproof tape to use making repairs in the field.  As the story goes, the GIs called it “duck tape” because it was waterproof – like a duck’s back.  Somehow, the name has evolved to duct tape.

Not too many years ago the government suggested sheltering in place in a room sealed with plastic and duct tape.  The press laughed at the idea.  However test conducted by both the US and Israeli governments proved that it does provide a level of protection from chemical and biological attacks. Here is a link to a site that provides addition information on the subject http://www.fas.org/irp/threat/duct.pdf.

Duct tape comes in three different grades, Industrial, Professional and Premium.  Industrial is the most common and the least expensive.  The better grades of tape are thicker and have greater holding strengths.  The industrial grade is good for most uses, but you may want a few rolls of a better grade.  Just beware that some of the duct tapes from China are just plain junk, buy the best that you can afford.  You can never have too much duct tap

Let’s explore some uses of duct tape

Tent or shelter Repair – a leaky tent could mean the difference between staying safe and warm and being exposed to the elements.  Holes and tears can be patched with duct tape.  Cover the hole with a layer of duct tape on the exterior and interior side of your tent.  If the zipper is broken, you can make a temporary fix from duct tape.

Repairing hole in a tent

Repairing hole in a tent

Broken shoelaces

Broken shoelaces






Water Bottles duct tape can be used to repair a small hole in water bottles or the water bottle can be used to carry your duct tape. A piece of duct tape can fix a hole if it is placed over a dry hole and then a length of duct tape is wrapped around the bottle to help hold it in place.

Medical uses – The local paramedics all carry it on their apparatuses.  They use it for holding people on backboards, splinting legs and all types of other uses.  It can be used to secure a twisted ankle, hold an improvised dressing in place and even make a sling.

duct tape

Taping an ankle

Improvising butterfly bandages

Improvising butterfly bandages

Caring for Blisters – whether on your feet or hands, blisters cannot only make common movements painful, but can become seriously infected.  Place a layer of cotton gauze or bandages over the blister and secure with duct tape.

Creating a Homemade Spear – Grab a pole and attach your camping knife to its tip by wrapping it with several layers of duct tape.  This survivalist method turns these two common items into a deadly spear to ward off animal attacks or to catch dinner.

Protection from ticks – prevent ticks and other biting insects from entering your boots by wrapping your pants into the top of your boots with duct tape.  Add an extra layer of protection by tightening the ends of your pants with duct tape.

Improvised Shelters – if you don’t have a tent, an improvised shelter can be made from, trash bags, plastic sheets or a tarp.

These are only a few of the hundreds of possible uses for duct tape.  I keep a small roll in all my bags and have an additional supply at home.  Make sure you get the good stuff.


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5 Responses to Duct Tape and it’s Many Uses

  1. Wyoming Steve says:

    I knew a young man that went elk hunting with me that had duct tape wrapped around the scope on his rifle to hold it on. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. This was the first time we were out together. He shot a big 6X6 bull that day. He also had duct tape wrapped around both of his boots to hold the soles on.

  2. ke4sky says:

    I repaired a broken rifle stock with duct tape for a dude hunter who left his rifle in a saddle scabbard when a horse rolled over it. He also got his elk.

  3. David says:

    As a joke a bought my mom a tool box full of duct tape once for Christmas. Within a year she needed more duct tape, that woman is a pro user of that stuff and I’m never more than 10 feet from a roll no matter my location.

  4. victor hundt says:

    I would’t leave my neighborhood with deck tape and wd40. I have found that and even stronger hold “duck tape” is made by gorilla.

  5. victor hundt says:

    correction without instead of with

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