How to Get Children or Grandchildren to Carry Emergency Gear?

emergency gear

Sometimes it is amazing what they have in their car trunks.

The other morning one of my grandchildren came by and visited with us.  While she was here, we got to talking about what emergency gear she had in her car.  Now she has a good get home and bugout bag.  So I asked her what she had in her car right now.  She had extra clothes, tennis shoes, a blanket and water.  So I asked her where her bag was, she admitted that her emergency gear was sitting in her closet at home.  Being young and in good shape they have a tendency to think they can do anything.

Now of cause I talked to her about putting her bag in the car.  But being a kid it may or may not happen.  She is young and in good shape and like most kids has a tendency to think they can do anything and that nothing will happen to them.

Now I know many other people (kids and adults) fall into the same mistake.  Over time it is easy to become lackadaisical or over confident.  The nothing will happen to me attitude.  Now I am a bit of a gear head, I have one or maybe two of almost everything.  More than I can ever carry or use.  Over the years, I have given emergency gear to all of my older grandchildren and a few of them actually carry it in their cars.

But what about the ones who don’t?  Of cause, I continue to encourage them to carry their get home bags.  But my new plan is to find out what they have in their cars and teach them how to get by on what they actually carry.  During this process, maybe I can sneak in a few extras.  But the bottom line is that no matter how much equipment you have it won’t help you if you don’t have it with you.  So we have to teach them to get by with what they have and hope as they learn they will add to what they carry.



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