Civilian or Military Gear, What Attracts attention

military gear

Mall ninja, stay away from, he is a target for all most everyone

Lately I have been seeing quite a controversy on whether or not to wear or use military gear if you have to evacuate or bug out from your home.  The argument runs along these lines.

1 Military gear will make people think you are carrying something of value, or they will be scared of you.  They feel that this will make you a target.

2 The other side is that most people will avoid someone who looks like they can take care of themselves.

This is something that I have been giving a lot of thought too.  For one thing, I have a tendency to wear tactical pants, not camo but other colors.  I do this for two reasons, most of them are good quality and they have lots of pockets, which are mostly full.  Jeans just don’t have enough pockets for everything I like to carry.

military gear

A target

I see some truth in both arguments, and I think the answer is somewhere in between.  If someone is wear all brand new REI type gear, they will be a target for two reasons.  Good quality gear and probably not very experienced.  I would think of them as an easy target.

If they are wearing full military gear with the latest molle gear or all tactical gear, but it is all brand new I am going to think mall ninja.  If the gear is well used, I thinking that they know what they are doing and I am going to try to avoid them.

Myself I would probably be wearing brown tactical pants, a subdued color shirt and have an OD pack.  It would be a mixture of civilian and military, but all well worn.  The idea is to have the best of both worlds.  Try not to attract attention and blend in, but be able to take care of business, if push comes to shove. Keep your pack on the small side; if possible, you will attract less attention.

The biggest advantage we have is that regardless of what we are wearing we are not naïve.  We will look ahead and spot dangers that most of the population will not see.  We will avoid contact with others where possible.  Most people will fail to see the dangers until it is too late.  Whatever you are wearing be alert, most people won’t recognize the wolf until it gets them.



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2 Responses to Civilian or Military Gear, What Attracts attention

  1. TPSnodgrass says:

    I love being the “grey man”. I want NO attention from anyone. Last birthday I hit 60, while still in decent shape, I’m not going to last long enough to go 12 rounds with any MMA wanna-be, nor do I care to. I carry a “fighting” cane, actually a hardwood cane that I use, and it’s legal in all fifty states, and I can carry it ONTO a commercial airliner. With the grey hair that’s left and my actual limp/waddle from an old on duty injury, I can be very convincing. I use the cane as I did my “straight stick” (baton) have kept up on all of those skill sets as well. I wear muted clothing, look like someone not worth “bothering” most of the time. I like it like that. I don’t have to be sartorially splendid anymore, only person I can/have to impress is my wife. Never have dressed “tacti-cool”, but Howard is right. Some of the “tactical pants” are excellent for all of the crap we “older guys” like to carry with us and keep our hands free, for our canes, EDC “gear” and other stuff. Besides, most people look at grey haired people and immediately move on with their observations.

  2. ke4sky says:

    Agree. I am 66 and agree 100% with the above comment. If I can blend in with the crowd at Tractor Supply, the Southern States Co-op or the Waffle House at 5 am, I am correctly attired. I do not care to resemble the Thirty-Somethings at the Peacemaker National Training Center eho are shooting Three-Gun……

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