More on Israeli Bandages

After several days of playing with the Israeli bandage, I have become more convinced that they are a very useful tool.  I have ordered more and plan to put them in all my first aid kits.Isreali bandages

Regarding the price of the Israeli Dressing.  I have been doing some research on this subject and I have found what I believe is the best price on the web from a supplier that I have found reliable in the past.  They are the Best Glide Aviation Survival Equipment, Inc. at  The civilian 4 inch dressing is listed for $4.15 each and the military 4 and 6 inch dressings for $6.25 each. The only real difference I can see is the color, white for civilian, OD for military.  If you buy in lots of 10, the price goes down.  I placed an order with them this morning and will let you know about their service.  There service has been good in the past.

For anyone who did not see the comment from a Veteran Who is Preparing take a look at the You Tube video at it shows you how to use the compression dressing.


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5 Responses to More on Israeli Bandages

  1. paul says:

    excellent! thanx for the follow up video , it helps. now i must order several of the bandages for my med. kits. good job.

  2. Art says:

    Did you receive your order yet, how was the service from Best Glide?


  3. New Iconoclast says:

    The military version of some packing bandages has a thin foil strip inside, so an x-ray will show of one is accidentally left in the wound by a hurried combat surgeon.

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