Sheltering in Place can be Easy If You Plan

sheltering in place

With all the talk about sheltering in place going around I want to offer a few suggestions in case you have to. The need to shelter in place could be caused by everything from pandemics to economic collapse.  The other day I posted a blog with some outside games that kids could play without any special equipment.

I noticed that some of the people who had to shelter in place because of being quarantined for Ebola were complaining about the hardship bugging in caused.  Now, these were people who had access to TV, computers, other electronic toys and phones.  The government was even making sure that they had food.  Now staying in your home for three weeks without visitors would not be the greatest thing, but it should not be a real hardship.

With a little preparation and the power still on, to me sheltering in place would almost be like a vacation.  Now if the power is out it would be considerably harder.  Now I am assuming that you have preps and know how to use them.

However just to make life a bit easier there are a few things you should think about stocking, especially if you have children.

      • Board games
      • Paper
      • Craft supplies
      • Pencils and pens
      • Various glues
      • Books of all types

I know you are probably thinking; now I have to spend more money, which is hard to come by.  The good news is that every week I see most of these items in garage sales for pennies on the dollar. Now if you have children or grandchildren that may be around, you need to think about educational books and school supplies.

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We have a small shelf that contains toys and games for our grandchildren in addition we keep some craft materials on hand.  For ourselves we keep some board and card games and lots of books.  I buy books in garage sales all the time.  Prepping and educational books are important to store, but don’t forget some good fiction or other books that you can read for pleasure.

Even after TEOTWAWKI, we will still have to educate our children and have some fun once in a while.


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