Shutting off the utilities in an Earthquake or other Emergency

Do your loved ones know what to do after an earthquake? A lot of us have not taken the time to show our families the necessary steps to take.

1.      Know where the gas shut-off is located and how to shut it off.  Do you have the necessary wrench readily available?

2.      After you shut-off the gas, if you continue to smell it, get away from the house until the odor dissipates.   If the gas lines are damaged so that you cannot shut them off, leave the area immediately.

3.      Where is the water shut-off located?  Does it take any special tools to shut it off?  Do you have the tools available?

4.      Where is the electric panel located?  Do you know how to shut the electricity off?

5.      If the electric panel is damage and you see any signs of arcing or sparks do not touch it.  Stay away from any downed electric line that you find.

These are all simple things that everyone should know.   I have done a little unscientific survey among people that I know.  Unfortunately the results were not good; I was surprised at how many people could not answer the above questions.  Take the time to make sure everyone in your family can and will do this in case of an emergency.  It could save your home.


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