Slow Starvation

Trying to live completely as a hunter gatherer

Recently I have read some posts on other blogs by individuals that think they can take their pack and run off into the hills and survive long term.  Now I am not saying this can’t be done, but the people who can do this are few and far between.

I have spent quite a bit of time in the Sierra Nevada Mountains around my home.  Edible plants are not hard to find.  Snares and hunting are something I know about.  But to try to live totally from what I could find or hunt would be slow starvation.

I have spent some time studying the Native Americans and the way they survived was to function as a tribe and move to different locations as the weather changed.  Here they spent the summer in the Mountains and the winters in the valley.  The average Native American did not live alone.  Prior to the coming of the white man, the competition for food was not as heavy.

For most of us to survive a total grid down situation for several years, we need at least one of two things, a deep larder or a way of growing our own food.  Preferably, you want to have both.

Even the early Mountain men went back to rendezvous at least once a year to pickup supplies.  So you may wonder why I learn primitive skills.  For two reasons, one, they could keep me alive for a short period of time, second, they can supplement my larder.  Any extra food I can gather extends my larder and improves my change of survival.

Learn all you can about edible plants and primitive survival, but hope you never have to depend upon it.


2 thoughts on “Slow Starvation”

  1. Excellent post. Too many people are way overconfident in their ability to “live off the land,” many of them without ever having attempted it. Everyone should realize that most places on earth have relatively low natural food density. The other thing is that there’s going to be heavy competition that will further reduce food density — within 6 months of the trucks no longer arriving at your local grocery store, any remaining wild animals will be extremely wary and difficult to hunt.

  2. back in the day i tired it, failed within a week. One of my motivators to store food. Extreme temps crushed me. Everyone thinks they are hauling it to the woods where we will all live. Truth is the game and other resources will be depleted within weeks. Lets say it’s winter, where the seasoned firewood coming from?
    Preparations are much needed

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